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Have you never been able to manifest a desire of yours before?


Back in 2006, one of my manifesting success stories was published in a book titled: Living The Law of Attraction.  The author was Rich German.  Years later I got an e-mail from a guy in Spain.  He’d seen the movie The Secret.  He’d also read a lot about the Law of Attraction online.  He’d tried a number of times to manifest his desires.  He failed every time.  He was frustrated and pretty much ready to give up.  Contacting me, was a last ditch effort.  I replied to his e-mail, asking him a bunch of questions.  He responded, and his problem soon became obvious.  He was attempting to manifest desires that he didn’t believe he could actually manifest.  No wonder he was failing!  After pointing this out, I started him on a starter manifesting exercise.  Within a few weeks, he’d manifested his first result and was super excited!

If you’ve never been able to manifest anything before, sign up for a  complimentary session with me.  I’ll ask you the same set of questions I asked him.  We’ll figure out why this is happening, and then set you up so you can experience your first manifesting success. 
Click here to fill out my new client sheet and then e-mail it to me so we can set up a time to talk.



Would you like to meet your Higher Self and learn about what needs to happen before it will allow a desire to manifest?


I'd heard people talk about their higher selves for years.  I always wrote them off as New Age half-wits.  I got shock of my life in 2010 when I met my Higher Self.  I got shocked again when I realized I could talk with him, just like I can talk to you.  And I got shocked yet again when he explained that he decides which desires manifest and which don't.

If you want to manifest life changing results, meeting your higher self is mandatory.  You can't manifest anything without its approval.  I've helped a lot of people meet their higher selves for the first time.  I can help you meet yours.  Click here to fill out my new client sheet and then e-mail it to me so we can set up a time to talk.



Do you want to see how far your manifesting abilities can take you? 


You’re at the point now where you can easily manifest parking spaces, green lights, and having new lines open up for you at the grocery store.  You've also manifested a number of your other desires.  All these successes have shown you what’s possible.  Now, you’ve begun to wonder, “Are there any limits on what I can manifest?  How far can I really take these skills?  Can I manifest anything I want?”  

If what I wrote above sounds like I’m describing you, I’d encourage you to sign up for a manifesting life analysis with me.  We’ll identify the various areas of life that are important to you.  Next, we’ll figure out where you’re currently at, and where you really like to get yourself to in each area.  Finally, we’ll look to see how you’re applying the Law of Attraction in each of these areas.  We’ll figure out what tweaks you need to make so you can manifest the results you want using the manifesting checklist.


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