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How To Talk To Your Higher Self



Years ago I read the book Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch In the book Neale explains how he wrote an angry letter to God asking a lot of tough questions.  To his surprise, he started hearing the answers to his questions and he wrote them down.  He was amazed at how insighful the answers appeared to be.  Eventually he took all the answers he wrote down and created the book Conversations With God.

I shared the book with my business partner at the time.  He loved the book and decided to see if he could talk to God too.  He did the exact same thing Neale had done and loved the results.  He told me to try it, I did and loved the results too.

Was I really talking to God?  I prefer the term higher self or intuition.
I've been teaching people to do this exercise for years, here's the way I figured out that works the best...


If you prefer to type, type. If you prefer to write, write. I now prefer typing but I started out writing because I wanted to duplicate Neale's process exactly.

Before you begin, sit quietly and put out the intention that you want to talk to God, higher self, inner being, broader perspective (whatever your pet word works best for you).

When you're ready, at the top of the page write, "Hello." Don't do anything else. Just wait.

Either immediately or soon after, you'll hear an answer in your head.
Write it down and then ask, "Is this ____?" Blank for whoever you asked for.


If you get a, "Yes" proceed. If you get a "No" stop and say, "I want to talk to my higher self, please come forward now."

Once you're talking to your higher self, simply begin asking the questions you want to ask and writing down the answers. Don't judge what you're writing down, just write it down, it might make sense later, after you think about it.

In the beginning it will sometimes feel like you're talking to yourself and sometimes you will be. In time though, you'll be able to tell the difference, when you're connected and when you're not.

Also you can ask for confirmation so you know this is real. My ex-girlfriend Brooke didn't believe it was real. The advice was great but she felt she was just talking to herself. I told her to have her guides, prove to her, this exercise was real. The next time she tried it, she kept hearing the word, "Sweetie" in her head, every time the presence addressed her. Finally she got tired of it and said, "Why are you calling me Sweetie?" They replied, "Because you'd never call yourself that, that's our way of showing you it's real."  She was floored.

For me, the confirmation came across in the personalities. My higher self (my word for it) has a sense of humor that isn't mine. It really is like talking to a different person (at times) or me.

Another ex-girlfriend of mine, the very first time she did the exercise, the voice addressed her as Beautiful, never using her name Lara.
While that stuff is all nice, the advice is why I do it, best life coaching you could ever get any where, custom tailored to you. That's what I really care about it and I love the feedback, it's truly profound, often things I wouldn't consider myself.


If you decide to try it, would love to hear your results, and I'm happy to answer any questions, if I need something clarified.


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