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Fear Checklist Will Ruin Their Businesses


Even though the checklist is designed for a person to able to complete it without needing help from anyone else, almost everyone needs help at some point.  Why?  They      run into something they’ve never dealt with before.  Instead of hurting your coaching        business, giving away the free checklist will help it dramatically because it solves the        biggest problem most LOA coaches have right now.    


Today the single biggest challenge LOA coaches face is people feeling like they don’t need their help.  Most LOA students feel like they are getting all the help they need by         watching youtube videos, reading LOA blogs and buying the occasional LOA book.       However once people get educated about the 11 steps, and prove to themselves   that      the steps make it possible for them to manifest guaranteed results, their interest       levels and needs immediately change.  Suddenly they have a real shot at seeing their      desires manifest.  They are going to spend more time than ever before on manifesting.        And they are going to attempt to manifest their biggest desires which they really, Really,      REALLY want to manifest.  When they get stuck on a step (which is almost inevitable)        they are going to be super motivated to reach out and get help from the coach who       gave them the manifesting checklist.


            As your clients begin to experience guaranteed manifesting results, they are going to      end up referring people to you.  Many of these people will be brand new to the Law of        Attraction and turn into full paying clients immediately because they won’t have the     basic manifesting knowledge needed to use the free version of the checklist    successfully.   


            More and more LOA coaches are going to start using the 11 steps.  This means more and           more LOA students are going to start experiencing guaranteed results.  Word is going to      spread.  Before you know it, interest in the Law of Attraction is going to swell to heights            we haven’t seen since “The Secret” went mainstream in 2007.  Suddenly more people            than ever before are going to be attempting to manifest their desires for the first time.        All these new people are going to need coaching sessions when they get stuck.              Everyone wants to work with the most experienced people they can afford.  You’re          going to have a lot of experience when this happens.  Really the last thing you’re going          to have to worry about is having enough clients.


            So rather than putting you out of business, if you educate people about the 11 steps and make sure they prove to themselves that the steps create guaranteed results, you’re         going to find yourself so busy that you’re going to have to start increasing your rates and       referring people to other coaches because you simply will not have enough time to help       everyone.   



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