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Complimentary Session Setup Questionnaire


I take these complimentary sessions very seriously.  The night before, I review the answers you wrote to my questions.  I follow this with a visualization exercise that opens me up to giving you the best possible answers.  Then I make a point to go to sleep right on time so I wake up refreshed and ready to rock.  Three minutes before you call, I stop whatever I’m working on and clear my head so that I will be 100% present when we talk.  When you call and I pick up the phone, it's go time =)    

I think it's pretty obvious that I bring all of my energy and commitment to the conversations I schedule.  My desire is to talk with people who are committed to bringing the same amount of energy and commitment as I am.  Copy the nine questions below and paste them into an e-mail.  Next, answer them and then e-mail your answers to namaste.faustino@
1.What is your first name?


2.What's your last name?

3.What's your phone number?

4.What time zone are you in?

5.How did you find me?

6.What are you seeking help on?

7.What’s stopping you from solving this issue on your own?

8.Is there anything else you feel like I should know?

9.If I set up a complimentary assistance session with you, can I count on you calling me at the time and date that we set?



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