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Every Major Manifesting Discovery



A lot of people have made a lot of different discoveries about manifesting over the centuries.  The ancient Jewish Kabbalah teaches about the power of intention.  Jesus taught us about the necessity of belief when he said, "And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."  The Rosicrucians taught us about the importance of simply focusing on what we wanted and letting the Universe figure out how to bring it to us.  Florence Shinn and Neville Goddard taught us about the importance of seeing a desire manifested before it has actually happened.  Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts) taught us about the necessity of removing resistance to our desires so they will manifest.  Abraham Hicks taught us about the emotional guidance system.  Bashar taught us about the importance of following our highest excitement when manifesting desires.  And the list goes on and on and on.  

In the process of developing my manifesting checklist, I realized I needed study the history of the Law of Attraction and review every major manifesting discovery that has ever been made.  I needed to figure out if each discovery was an essential part of the alignment process or something that helped some people but is not required by all people.  For example, lots of people include visualization in their manifesting formulas as an essential step.  I've used visualization to manifest a number of my desires.  However I've also manifested desires without using it at all.  Figuring this out allowed me to determine that visualization is helpful to some (and those people should continue using it) but it is not a required part of the alignment process.

My research uncovered 42 major manifesting discoveries made over the centuries.  I actually reviewed a lot more than that because I considered every minor discovery I ran across as well.         I only listed the titles of the 42 Law of Attraction discoveries below because I didn't think anyone would be interested in the details.  If you are, send me an e-mail and I'll consider fleshing everything out. 



Aligned Non-Contradictory Thought Is What Causes A Desire To Manifest
Resistance Against Your Desire Is What Causes Desires Not To Manifest

Knowing Thyself Leads To Better Manifesting Results
Intuition Guides You To Your Manifesting Results
Your Higher Self Is Real & Is A Major Source Of Resistance
Go With The Flow As The Manifesting Process Unfolds, DO WHAT FEELS NATURAL NEXT, Forcing Anything Means You're Off Track

Law Of Attraction Is Always Working & Is Never The Reason A Desire Won't Manifest

We Aren't Attracting Our Desires, We're Selecting Them



Thoughts Create
You Need To Continue To Get Clear Until You're Happy To Let Universe Fill In Details
Negative Beliefs Stop Desires From Manifesting
Power of Visualization
Belief That It Is Possible Is Required For Manifestation
Beliefs Determine Thoughts & Emotions Which Cause Manifestations So Fix Negative Beliefs
Resistant Thoughts Block Manifestations
Focus Only Matters To The Point Of Experiencing Feeling Of Expectation

Only Reason You Don't Have Something Is Because You Think About Not Having It
Figuring Out HOW Is Not Your Problem

Importance Of Intention
Contrast Is Valuable And Clarifies
Mental Addictions/Attachment Tests
Attachments Are Both Physical & Emotional



Emotions Don't Cause Manifestations, They Are Simply Indicators

Excitement Is A Powerful Manifestation Guide
Feeling The Feeling BEFORE It Happens
Feeling Good Attracts Wanted Experiences, Feeling Bad Attracts Unwanted Experiences

Emotional Scale Work Makes Feeling Good Possible Right Now
Power of Expectation
Power of Self Love
Power of Appreciation
Power of Burning Desire/Pure Desire/Pure Wanting

Power of Deserving

Power of Trust
Power of Peace With Current Situation

Importance of Feeling Of Readiness/Next Most Logical Step When Manifesting Desires



Tell A Better Story
I AM Is Most Powerful Statement In The Universe



Aligned Actions Feel NATURAL
Power of Relaxation (No Tension)
Inspiration Is Sign To Take Action
Your Actions Show Us What Your Beliefs Are More Than Anything Else



You Get The Essence Of Your Desire Because You Still Had Resistance To It
Only Reason Manifestation Is Not Instantaneous Is Because You Think It Can't Be (Can't Be President Of USA Tomorrow Because You Think You Have To Be Elected)

You & You Alone Decide How Fast A Desire Manifests


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