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Manifesting The Lifestyle Of My Dreams PROGRESS REPORT


I’ve got some good news and some challenging news.  I’ll start with the good news first.  All it takes to manifest anything you want is answering the 15 alignment questions.  Sometimes it’s possible to answer all 15 questions in under an hour and then your desire manifests.  When I was getting married, I needed a big diamond for the engagement ring.  I answered all the questions in under an hour.  A short time later I actually found a real diamond.  I took it to a jeweler who put it in a laser gun gadget and confirmed it was real.  When they learned that I’d found it, she told me that’s why she tells her customers to get the prongs on their rings checked once a year.  Sometimes the prongs weaken and big diamond center stones like the one I found are lost.


Now for the challenging news.  In some cases it can take weeks, months or even years to fully answer all 15 questions.  Case in point, one of the questions is, “Are you ready for your desire to manifest?”  If your desire is to sing in front of a sold out stadium, and so far you’ve only sung in front of friends, it really might be a few years before you can answer that question with a “YES!”  Initially, I wasn’t happy about this realization.  I want ALL my dreams to come true NOW!  As time passed though, I made peace with the process.  I realized it’s possible to really enjoy the journey RIGHT NOW.  I don’t have to have all my dreams to do that.  And I’ve found that answering the questions, even when it takes time, is an enjoyable challenge.  Plus I KNOW that when I’m done answering all 15 questions, my desire is going to manifest.  Knowing that my desire is guaranteed to manifest makes everything ok.  I don’t care if it takes a while for my dream to come true as long as I’m guaranteed it will.


Below is a report showing the progress I’m making on manifesting the lifestyle of my dreams.  The first section covers the desires where I've already answered all 15 questions and the desires have manifested.  The second section shows the desires where I've recently completed all 15 questions and the desires are manifesting.  The third section shows the desires where I'm still in the process of answering all 15 questions.




Living In A City With Year Round Sunshine, Beaches & Palm Trees
It took me years to align to this desire but I finally did it!  I moved from Las Vegas to Southern California on March 28, 2014.  I now live 20 minutes from the beach and I love it.
A System That Makes It Possible For Anyone To Manifest Their Dreams
15 out of 15 questions completley answered

Desire manifested on July 10, 2015
I made my manifesting checklist available to public on August 3, 2015.





Getting Paid $5000+ A Month To Do What I Love (Teaching, Writing, Socializing, Selling)
This is a classic case of a multi-stage manifestation.  I aligned to the writing aspect first.  I had my first guest blog post published on Jeannette Maw's popular in May of 2014.  Everything else aligned in stages.  I finally completed all 15 questions for the monthly income, as well as teaching, writing, socializing and selling
on August 1, 2015.



I got paid by my first checklist client on August 3, 2015.

I began coaching first checklist client on August 3, 2015.

The Affirmations Solution on May 27, 2014
Using LOA to Resolve Panic Attacks on February 17, 2015

LOA for Fight Night Success on July 13, 2015
My personal blog launched on July 15, 2015

The Universe Bringing Together Years of Dream Board Pictures into One Perfect Night on July 23, 2015

Launched community for seekers on July 11, 2015

I began contacting potentil new clients on August 3, 2015.


A Large Local Community of Optimistic, Like-Minded, Seekers in LA
15 out of 15 questions answered completely
I took inspired action to create community website launched on July 11, 2015.
I have the first first meeting on August 11, 2015 so things in progress.

Desired Emotional Experiences
Belonging, Connection, Achievement (daily), Importance, Excitement, Love, Relaxation, Contentment, Wealth
15 out of 15 as of July 7, 2015
I began daily recording of emotions experienced on July 10, 2015.

Changing The World
15 out of 15 questions answered as of August 1, 2015
Guaranteed manifesting results system launched August 3, 2015
School for seekers launched on July 10, 2015

These are the achievements that will be manifesting in my life...
Local leader

Becoming the "go to" coach in my niche

Get my voice back

Becoming a truly professional manifestor
Completed all 15 questions for all of the desired achievements listed above on August 3, 2015.





Manifesting Millions (see detailed explanation below)
12 out of 15 questions answered as of July 7, 2015

Traveling the Planet
14 out of 15 questions answered as of July 7, 2015

Healthy, Vibrant, Sculpted Body
14 out of 15 questions answered as of July 7, 2015    
Ideal Schedule
Time off to hang out with friends, relationships, fun trips etc

14 out of 15 questions answered as of July 7, 2015

Exciting Poly Relationships
13 out of 15 questions answered as of July 7, 2015
Excitement from risks, B-List Fame perks, assistants
14 out of 15 questions answered as of July 7, 2015

AMG S65 Mercedes Benz, Rolex Submariner, Presidential Day Date II etc
14 out of 15 questions answered as of July 7, 2015  

New York Times bestselling author, Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential
14 out of 15 questions answered


The following information is a detailed explanation of the past six years I've invested into aligning to millions of dollars.


In August of 2009, I decided to take another shot at manifesting millions of dollars (I’d tried in 2003 and been unable to pull it off).  In 2009, I hadn’t done all the research I have today, so I thought that the alignment process was mainly about releasing resistance.  I hoped I could release the resistance I had to manifesting millions in a less than a month.  I was prepared to spend a full three months though if necessary.

When I say, “release resistance” what do I mean exactly?  Resistance is made up of thoughts about what I don’t want.  The way I release resistance is by identifying thoughts about what I don't want and then turning them into thoughts about what I do want.  

One month quickly passed and I still had a lot of resistance to release.  Three months and I was nowhere near being done.  When I reached the eight month, I wanted to pull my hair out in frustration.  I still had tons of resistance left.  You might be wondering, “Why was it taking so long to release the resistance?”  In order to manifest millions of dollars it’s necessary to release your limiting financial beliefs.  Any limiting financial beliefs you have block the money you desire from manifesting.  When I started out, I had no idea that I was going to have so many limiting financial beliefs.  If you ever decide to manifest millions of dollars, it’s very possible you’ll also be surprised, at how many limiting financial beliefs you have.  If you’re curious to see how many you might have, then you’ll want to check out this list of 101 negative financial beliefs by clicking here.  I had to release many of the beliefs on that list, plus a ton of other stuff.

Years later, I found out the amount of time everything was taking was totally understandable.  At the time though, I didn’t know of anyone else who had manifested millions of dollars.  This caused my expectations about how long things should take to be severely out of wack.  Case in point, I read an interview about a college student who used Abraham Hick's teachings to manifest a lottery win.  The student explained the process took him a year and a half.  Cynthia Stafford used Joseph Murphy’s teachings to manifest her lottery win.  She did four months of intense alignment work.  Then she apparently continued doing some visualzation work until the money manifested two years later.  Next I found an interview with Ingrid Plattmann.  I learned that it took her three years to align to her lottery win using Ramtha's teachings.  Finally I ran into an interview with Bunky Bartlett.  He used his Wiccan training to align to his lottery win.  He wasn't able to pinpoint any one specific thing that he did to manifest his lottery win.  He tells people, “Twenty years of gaining wisdom, knowledge and understanding is what probably caused the manifestation to occur.”  I wish I’d known that it would take anywhere from a year and a half to twenty years to align to this desire, when I started, but that info wasn’t available back then.  It sure would have made the journey a lot more enjoyable and easier.

You might be surprised to learn that releasing the limiting financial beliefs was the least of my problems.  The far more difficult challenge was the fact that my interest in manifesting millions kept fading out on me.  I wasn't the only person who'd had a problem like this.  The famous Law of Attraction teacher Joe Vitale experienced something similar.  In an interview, he described manifesting a minor sum of money, in the Texas lotto, as an empty feeling accomplishment.  He cited this experience as why he stopped working on manifesting money alone.  When I originally read the interview, I thought, "He's copping out.  If he'd manifested millions he'd be singing a different tune."  Experience taught me though that he was telling the absolute truth. 


I spent nine frustrating months trying to align to the millions of dollars.  No matter what I did, the result was always the same.  I'd get myself pumped up about all the things I was going to buy.  Then my interest would quickly fade and I'd be left feeling empty.  This went on for years, without me being able to figure out why this was happening.  Eventually though my Higher Self clued me into what was going on and how to fix it.

April 2010
I reached the nine month mark and I was still releasing resistance.  I was worn out from all the mental work and I was extremely irritated that there didn’t seem to be any end in sight.  One night in a fit of absolutely raging frustration, I discovered my Higher Self.  Talk a shocker!  I’d always thought people who talked about their Higher Selves were New Age half-wits.  After asking a bunch of questions, I found out who he was and the role he played in the manifestation process.  I learned so much!  One of the coolest things was he answered a manifesting question that had been bugging me forever.  Whenever I heard someone claim, “I’m a Law of Attraction teacher” I’d roll my eyes and think, “If you know so much about the Law of Attraction, why are you trying to sell me a book?  Why don’t you just manifest a million dollars?”  I’d always assumed that so called LOA teachers really didn’t know what they were talking about.  My Higher Self explained that in order for someone to manifest anything, the person’s Higher Self has to agree with it first.  So it wasn’t that these Law of Attraction teachers didn’t know what they were talking about, when they tried to manifest millions, their Higher Selves hadn’t been in alignment with the desire.  How do I know that every Law of Attraction teacher has tried to manifest millions?  I don’t.  However, I’ve never met anyone who really thought they knew how the Law of Attraction worked who hasn’t tried either.

The purpose of the Higher Self is to monitor the overall life experience a person desires.  If Higher Selves didn’t exist, everyone would just manifest a million dollars every time they incarnated on Earth.  This experience might be fun a couple of times but it would quickly become unchallenging and very boring.  My Higher Self’s explanation made sense but still it bothered me.  I asked, “What if someone really wants to manifest a million dollars like me?”  My Higher Self replied, “Remember that the Higher Self is not a separate person, it’s simply a part of you that has a different perspective.  If you really want to manifest a million dollars, your Higher Self will allow it as long as it doesn’t jack up everything else you want.”  Again the answer made sense but still it irritated me.  I thought, “I KNOW I want to manifest millions of dollars.  Get the f##k out of the way.  I want my money!”  My Higher Self replied*, “Sure but first you need to figure out how to be happy without it.  I KNOW you don’t like that answer but remember I AM YOU.  That is what YOU WANT.  If you stop worrying about your financial and job situation for a second, and step back and look, you’ll see that I’m telling you the truth.”  I was mad but I did it.  And he was right.  I really did need to figure out how to be happy without the money first.  I’d seen firsthand what happens when you depend on your wealth for happiness.  I didn’t want to ever be in that brutally miserable position again.
I continued releasing resistance and I also began researching happiness too.  Eventually I found Ken Keyes Jr’s work and then Jonathan Haidt’s work.  I learned a lot from both teachers.  Then I took what I learned and combined it with Abraham’s work.  Using all three, I officially figured out how to be happy without being rich.  Figuring this out took around two years.  As soon as I accomplished this, I started another conversation with my Higher Self.  I said, “I figured out how to be happy without having millions.  Where’s my money?”  My Higher Self replied*, “Your dream has always been to get rich, travel the planet AND CHANGE THE WORLD TOO.  If we manifest the money now you get rich, you’ll get to travel but you’re not going to change the world.  You’ve been documenting this journey of figuring out how to manifest life changing results for a reason.  You want to use it to help others.  Develop a system that makes it possible for anyone to manifest their desires and then we’ll talk.  Remember I AM YOU, this is what YOU WANT.”  I was so angry!  I really just wanted the money!  Eventually though I stopped railing against my Higher Self.  As much as I didn’t like what he had to say, I realized he was right.  I’d known since I was 21 years old, that more than anything else, I wanted to help people achieve their dreams.  That’s why I’d learned life coaching skills, how to build master mind groups, assisted with running self-development seminars and on and on.

Single Desire vs Multi-Desire Manifestations
Originally when I started out, I simply wanted to manifest millions of dollars.  The beauty about manifesting millions is that it was a simple, straight forward, single desire manifestation.  My Higher Self was right though, I really had always wanted to get rich, travel the planet and change the world.  After thinking about it, I realized that what I really doing was figuring out how to manifest the lifestyle of my dreams.  This included getting rich, traveling the planet, making a massive difference in the world, living by the beach, having a tribe of local like-minded friends and on and on.  Shortly after figuring this out, suddenly the emptiness I’d been feeling inside, every time I thought about manifesting millions of dollars alone disappeared.  All that time, what was going on, was my emotions were trying to tell me to focus on the bigger picture.  That’s why I’d never been able to align to millions of dollars alone.  The reality is that I really wanted to manifest the lifestyle of my dreams.  I really wouldn't be happy with manifesting millions, if it didn’t come with the other things as well.  While I was glad to have figured this out, I was suddenly dealing with a complex multi-desire manifestation.  Instead of aligning to one thing, I was now aligning to many….


456 Million+

Traveling the planet

Changing the world

New York Times best selling author

Living in big city with a lots of sunshine and warmth near the beach

Tribe of online and offline like-minded people

Trim muscular body

And a lot of other things too.


To manifest all these different things I had to get into alignment with all of them.  What this meant was running all of these desires through the 15 questions too.

January 2013
Throughout 2012 I followed inspired action to get into the best shape of my life since high school.  In January of 2013, after doing a cleanse, I was able to see my abs for the first time in my life and I weighed 160 pounds (down from around 200).  Have a trim muscular body is important to me.  I was glad that it was the first part of the lifestyle of my dreams to manifest.

March 2014
After 11 years of being away, the perfect opportunity manifested for me to move back to Southern California.  Today I live 20 minutes away from the beach just south of Culver City, CA.  This was the second part of the lifestyle of my dreams to manifest.
JULY 2015
After over 575 days of almost continuous inspired action, I completed my guaranteed manifesting results system.  This is the third part of the lifestyle of my dreams to manifest but it’s not done yet. 

Now you know the details of how I started out with the desire to manifest millions.  Along the way, I got more clear and realized that I wanted to manifest millions, plus the lifestyle of my dreams.  As of this writing in July of 2015, I'm happy to report that this journey is getting easier and easier.  It's also become so much more fun.  I love knowing that answering the 15 alignment questions means my desires are guaranteed to manifest.  However, I no longer need my desires to manifest in order to be happy.  Thanks to lessons I've learned from Abraham Hicks, Ken Keyes Jr. and Jonathan Haidt, I'm enjoying the journey as I go.  And that truly is EVERYTHING.  

* The short narrative above includes the basic facts of what has happened since August of 2009, when I began aligning to my desires.  I have talked to my Higher Self on multiple occasions.  I did not however have the exact conversations that I’ve written out above.  The conversations above are the main points of lots of conversations I’ve had with my Higher Self consolidated down into two conversations. 


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