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Client Enrollment Process



Here is how I’d suggest testing out the 12 questions checklist system so you can see the   benefits of using it…


Make a list of old clients who are no longer working with you.  I suggest starting with these people.  You need to practice explaining things and you have nothing to lose since these people aren’t working with you anymore.  Get in touch with each person and say, “A discovery recently happened that makes it possible to create guaranteed manifesting results.  If you’d like to hear about it, I’m happy to offer you a FREE 30 minute coaching          session.  During our call I’ll educate you about the discovery.  And at the end of the call, I have a gift for you so that you can start experiencing guaranteed manifesting results.  Would you like to hear about the discovery?”  Most people are going to agree to set up the call with you.  Once you set up a call time, then you say, “BEFORE our upcoming call please think about one of your successful manifestations and figure out what steps you took to get it to manifest.  Then think about one of your desires that failed to manifest          and figure out what steps you took to try to get it to manifest.  Can you do that for me?”  Once the person agrees, bid her a pleasant goodbye.


You start the 30 minute free call by saying, “A researcher recently discovered that every time you’ve successfully manifested a desire, you answered the same 12 alignment questions.  This person also realized that every time you failed to manifest a desire, it’s because you neglected to answer one or more of these same 12 questions.  Obviously you didn’t consciously go through all 12 questions when you successfully manifested a desire.  A lot of the questions were answered unconsciously.  However as you’ll see, you actually did run through all of them.  Bottom line is when you positively answer all 12 questions, your desire is guaranteed to manifest.” 


Now quickly review the 12 questions with her.  Then have her share the steps she took    to successfully manifest her desire.  Help her see that she actually answered all 12 questions even though she wasn’t conscious of doing this.  Next have her share the steps she took when she failed to manifest her desire.  Help her identify which of the 12   questions she failed to answer which resulted in her desire not manifesting.  Then ask, “Do you see that if you positively answer all 12 questions that your desire is guaranteed to manifest?”  Once she acknowledges this say, “The researcher who discovered these 12 questions created a manifesting checklist that includes all of them.  You start at the top of the checklist.  By the time you’ve reached the end, you’ve done everything you    need to go to get your desire to manifest.  Using the checklist is simple but it really helps to have someone walk you through answering each of the 12 questions, especially the first time, so that you know you properly and completely answered each question.  The checklist only creates guaranteed results when you properly and completely answer   each of the 12 questions, which is why most people book a session with me to help  them through it the first time.  Would you like to do that now?  If she says, “Yes” you book the session.  If she says, “not right now” you say, “I promised a free gift that will help you create guaranteed manifesting results. I’m going to give you the manifesting checklist as a gift.  I’ll e-mail it to you right after the call.  I’m also giving you an additional FREE 15 minutes of my time, to help you when you have questions about the checklist.  Does that sound good?  After the client says, “Yes” you say, “Can I ask you a favor?  Once you use the checklist to manifest a desire, will you share it with me so I can add it to my results list? 


That checklist makes it possible         for you to manifest anything you want, by using it you’re guaranteed to succeed, so      what are you going to use it to manifest?”  After you hear her answer say, “Each step      has to be completed correctly, for alignment to happen, which causes the desire to             manifest. When you’re using the checklist the first time, it really helps to work with   someone so that person can make sure you actually completely each step correctly.    Would you like me to help you do that?”  If she says, “Yes” begin to explain your coaching packages.  If she says, “No” reply, “After you’ve completed the 11 steps, it            helps to have someone check your work, to make sure you’ve completed them all            correctly.  Would you like me to do that for you?”  If she says, “Yes” book the review         session.  If she says, “No” reply, “Before we end the call I’d like to give you one last gift.    If you find yourself stuck on a step, I’m going to give you a free 15 minute call where I’ll help you figure things out.  I’ll e-mail the free call certificate with checklist after the          call.”  Then bid the person good day.


            If she uses the manifesting checklist you e-mail her, it’s almost a hundred percent           guaranteed that she is going to take advantage of the 15 minute free call offer.  In some    cases you’ll be able to answer her question completely in the 15 minutes.  Often though          you won’t be able to and that will result in her booking a paid session with you.  And that session will almost certainly turn into more.  The 11 steps are simple but it really             takes something to master them. 

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