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Here's What I Can Do For You...


I Can Help You Manifest Guaranteed Results.


I Can Help You Teach Others How To Manifest Guaranteed Results.  This Will Make Signing Up Clients Easier Than It Ever Has Been Before.


And By Learning How To Manifest Guaranteed Results, And Teaching Others To Do The Same, I'll Show You How We Can Begin Ushering In A New Era In Human History, A Golden Age Unlike Anything Humanity Has Ever Seen =)




It all comes down to four simple steps: verify, learn, customize, share.

First, you'll want to verify that it's possible to manifest guaranteed results by using my manifesting checklist.

Once you've proven to yourself that it's really possible to manifest guaranteed results you'll want to get certified.  During the certification process you'll learn the in's and out's of the 15 alignment questions on the checklist.  That way no matter what you, or any of your clients want to manifest, you'll have the knowledge to make it happen.

Next, I'll share some tips so you can customize your message about guaranteed manifesting results to appeal to your ideal clients.  Since you're offering them something they've always wanted (to be able to manifest guaranteed results) you'll find that signing them up is easier than it ever has been. 


Finally, it's change the world time, for real.  Ask yourself, "What could possibly change a person's life more than learning how to manifest guaranteed results?"  After thinking about it, you'll realize there truly is no greater gift.  By teaching others how to manifest guaranteed results, together we will usher in a new era in human history.  It will be a time where it doesn't matter whether you're born rich or poor, in a first world country or a third world country, you'll grow up knowing it's possible to manifest anything you want.


How Can I Help You Manifest Guaranteed Results?


First, I'll be happy to prove to you, using evidence from your own life, that it's possible to manifest guaranteed results.  Click here to download the exercise.  The exercise only takes a couple of hours to complete, and it's worth it.  When you see evidence from your own life, proving to you that guaranteed manifesting results are real, it's life changing.  You certainly don't have to do this exercise.  However if you do, you'll be glad you did.


Second, if you have not already gotten my manifesting checklist, get it now by clicking here.  If you run into questions, please contact me.  The first session is free.

Third, I just wanted to acknowledge you.  Most of the people who have heard about manifesting wrote the idea off as ridiculous.  You, however, were open minded enough to check it out.  Even though it quickly became obvious that there was a gap between what teachers were saying was possible, and what people were actually experiencing, you continued to explore the concept anyway.  Now your pioneering foresight is going to pay off in spades.  With the arrival of guaranteed manifesting results comes our opportunity to shine.  I’m super looking forward to hearing about the exciting life-changing manifesting results you produce.  Our combined efforts are going to take this manifesting concept, we’re all so passionate about, out of relative obscurity and put it right smack in the middle of global mainstream consciousness.



How Does The Certification Process Work?


It's simple.  We get on the phone.  We run through the in's and out's of the 15 manifesting questions.  If you have lots of manifesting experience, this process will take two to three hours.  If you don't, it will take upwards of ten hours.  Then I verbally test you to make sure you understand the fine points and you're officially certified.  After you're certified you'll receive...

* A certification logo for your website.

* Access to the Facebook page for certified coaches, where you can socialize with true peers, and receive assistance from myself and others.

* As best practices emerge, you'll receive updates about them.



How Can I Make Signing Up Clients Easier Than It Ever Has Been Before?


What does everyone who has ever heard about the Law of Attraction want?  To be able to manifest guaranteed results.  What will you now be offering?  Knowledge about how to manifest guaranteed results.  You now have what everyone wants, which makes signing people up a whole lot easier than it ever has been.  But just because you can help everyone, doesn't mean you actually want to do that.  You want to work with the people who will be the most fun to work with.  The way to do that is to customize your message to appeal to your ideal clients. 


If you've already built a successful coaching practice you already know how to do this.

If you need some help doing this you can use the materials provided at the end of the certification course or you can hire me to work with you one-on-one.



How Would You Like To Play An Important Role In Directing The Course Of Human History Simply By Doing What You're Going To Do Anyway?


By learning how to manifest guaranteed results and teaching others how to do the same, two things you're going to do anyway, you have the opportunity to play an important role in directing the course of human history.


If you look back in time, the two things that have changed the human experience the most, were people learning how to speak and then learning how to read.  I submit to you that the next great change, on the level of those two previous changes, will be people learning how to manifest guaranteed results.


This new manifesting knowledge will completely level the playing field for the first time in human history.  Suddenly it won't matter where people are born, what color they are born, if they are born a boy or a girl, straight, bi, gay or trans, if they are born to rich parents or poor ones.  Everyone will grow up with the same ability to manifest their hopes and dreams.  For the first time, most people will experience more happiness than sadness, more enjoyment than boredom, and depression and human suffering will be practically wiped out of the human experience.

If we do this right, one day future generations are going to look back at our time period as a demarcation line in human history.  Before we came along the human experience was one way.  After we transitioned, the human experience was forever radically changed for the better.  The actions we take today truly will echo out into eternity.


If you’re up for enriching your own life, the lives of your clients and you want to join us in enriching the rest of the world, here’s what needs to happen:


First, do what you need to do to prove to yourself that guaranteed manifesting results are now possible.

Second, get certified so you'll know the in's and out's of the 15 alignment questions, which enables you to manifest anything you want.  If you want to get certified, while you're going through your personal proving process, that's fine.  However, you'll need to manifest a guaranteed result to be certified.  The investment for the certification is $333.00.

If what I wrote here resonates with you, let’s set up a time to talk and discuss what’s possible.

Please contact me now by clicking here.


Coaches How They Know Manifesting Checklist Works
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