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Did You Know That Learning About Yourself Is The Secret To Happiness?

The famous Greek philosopher Socrates believed that the secret to happiness is knowing thyself.  Why?  Because once a person truly knows themselves they are then able to make decisions that will bring them happiness.  Prior to really knowing themselves, people spend a lot of time making decisions they think will bring them happiness.  That rarely is what actually happens.  A classic example of this is a young person who gets out of college, and devotes himself entirely to climbing the corporate ladder.   The person makes a ton of sacrifices and spends years working nights and weekends, only to, finally, get the corner office with the six figure salary.  Then, still unsatisfied, he realizes these things don’t actually make him happy.


All you have to do to manifest happiness is follow Socrates advice: do what it takes to truly know yourself.  After you invest the time into really figuring yourself out, you’ll know what will actually make you happy. Then, you can manifest it.  To begin learning about yourself, download my free self-discovery questionnaire by clicking here.  If you run into any questions, you know where to find me.

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