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Hypothetical History Of Law of Attraction Manifesting Formulas


Between 2009 and 2015 I studied over 253 different manifesting formulas.  Somewhere between the 39th formula and the 187th formula I reviewed, I came up with a working hypothesis on why we ended up with so many different manifesting formulas.  I created the following timeline to explain my hypothesis.  If this doesn’t interest you, and you want to get straight to the formulas, just scroll down and you’ll see where the formulas begin.

Multiple People All Notice The Same Strange Occurrence
Hundreds of years ago people noticed that sometimes when they thought about their desires, their desires magically showed up.  This didn’t happen every time though and in the late 1500’s the word coincidence was created to describe the experience.

The Power Of Focus Is Discovered
Someone had a lot of “coincidences” happen to them and thought, “That’s odd, I wonder why this is happening?”  After some thought, the person concluded, “It seems that when I think about a desire A LOT it shows up.”  This person shared their thoughts with others and people began testing it out.  This observation is what caused many people to believe that if you focus on something long and hard enough it will manifest.  It was probably shortly after this observation that early visualization techniques and a host of other focus based manifesting techniques came into being.  

People Decide Focus Isn’t Enough So Two, Three, Four And More Steps Added
Lots of people tried this focusing idea.  Many noticed that some of their desires did indeed manifest.  The problem was that this didn’t always work.  So everybody asked themselves, “What else could be going on?”  

One person noticed, “If I focus on something and see myself already in possession of it, then it manifests.  However if I don’t see myself having the item first, it doesn’t manifest.  So this manifesting thing must be a two step process.  First I focus on what I want.  Then I see myself already having it.  This must be how the Law of Attraction works!”

Another person noticed, “If I focus on something and I believe that doing this will cause my desire to manifest, it manifests.  However if I don’t believe, I’ve noticed that the desire doesn’t manifest.  So this manifesting thing must be a three step process.  First I need to focus.  Then I need to believe.  Finally I receive.  So the manifesting formula is focus, believe, and then you receive!”

And yet another person noticed, “First I figure out what I want.  Then I focus on it really hard, for a really long time.  Eventually if I do this long enough, I expect the desire to manifest and it does.  So this manifesting thing must be a four step process.  First I select what I want.  Then I focus really hard.  Next I expect it to manifest.  Finally I can relax and it will show up!”

And on so it went.  Everyone was certain that they’d figured out the steps to this manifesting process.  The only problem was that the steps never seemed to create consistent results.

Alignment Is Discovered
Someone tried many of these different manifesting formulas people created and observed, “All these formulas work sometimes but not others.  Something else must be going on.”  After careful thought this person realized that what all different formulas were doing was causing thoughts, emotions, words and actions to all be focused on what a person wants.  The person decided to call this “being in alignment.”

Dozens of Alignment Processes, Methods, & Techniques Are Created
After the concept of alignment was discovered people naturally asked themselves, “What’s the best way for me to get into alignment with my desires?”  Extroverted types created lots of creative ways to do this.  Introverted types created lots of logical ways to do this.  For a while there was a lot of confusion because the logical methods (bridging, unblocking, belief realignment) didn’t work very well for extroverted types and the creative methods (dream boards, affirmations, guided meditations) didn’t work for introverted types.  A lot of arguing occurred.  Eventually people realized that all alignment techniques work, you just have to find the ones the work for you.  This realization was great but it still didn’t fix the main problem.  No matter what technique a person tried, that technique never created predictable manifesting results.

Namaste Discovers Unconscious Manifesting Steps
In 2009 Namaste begins studying manifesting formulas and alignment methods, processes and techniques.  After years of research and analysis he figures out why that none of the formulas, methods, processes or techniques create consistent manifesting results.  The reason is because they were all missing their creator’s unconscious manifesting steps. Check this out…

Dream Board Creator
The person who came up with the idea for dream boards noticed that when s/he cut out pictures, and pasted them on a board, those things manifested.  What this person didn’t realize is s/he believed and expected this to happen.  Since the person naturally and unconsciously believed and expected this to happen, the person wasn’t aware of these two unconscious manifesting steps and therefore failed to tell others.  Some people tried the dream boards and also naturally believed and expected their boards would work and they did.  Other people tried the dream boards and didn’t naturally believe or expect their boards would work and they didn’t.

Since Namaste studied and compared almost every manifesting formula and alignment method, process and technique that has ever been created, he was able to identify all the conscious and unconscious steps.

Namaste Discovers Universal Alignment Questions
Once Namaste had identified all the conscious and unconscious steps people were using to align to their desires, he began figuring out how use them.  It was during this time, that he realized, that the way you know if you’ve successfully completed a step or not is by asking yourself a question about how you feel.  If you feel good, you’ve completed the step.  If you don’t feel good, you haven’t completed the step.  Namaste created a series of 12 major alignment questions that covered all of the conscious and unconscious manifesting steps.  He found that when a person correctly answers all 12 alignment questions, they get into alignment with their desire and it always manifests, every time, guaranteed.  

So that’s my hypothesis on how we ended up with so many different manifesting formulas, processes, methods and techniques and my solution to that problem.  To get my manifesting checklist that contains the 12 alignment questions click here.

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