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Is There A Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula That Causes Desires To Manifest 100% Of The Time?

Quick Summary


I first learned that thoughts could turn into things in 1985.  A short time later, I experienced my first conscious manifesting success.  Between 1985 and 2002, every time I used the simple three step formula I’d learned from my Rosicrucian training, my desire manifested.  The formula was…

Step 1. Decide what I want.

Step 2. Get clear on the details that are important to me.

Step 3. Let it go and don’t worry about how it will manifest into my life. 

There were two reasons why this simple three step formula worked every single time I used it during those years.  The first is because I only used it when I couldn’t figure out any other way to acquire my desire. I’m a really resourceful person.  There were only around a dozen times when I couldn’t figure out how to get what I wanted myself and had to resort to using the formula.  The second was because since I was only using it in cases where I couldn’t figure out any other way to get it, by default, I was only dealing with situations where intense desire was involved.  Intense desire is the most powerful manifesting force in the universe.  Nothing can hold it back.  Nothing can get in its way.  It wouldn’t have mattered what formula I was using, intense desire would have caused my desire to manifest no matter what. 


In 2002, it occurred to me that instead of using traditional goal setting methods to become wealthy, I should try using the manifesting formula I’d used.  After thinking about it, I realized the quickest way to do this would be to see if I could use the formula to win the lottery.  This had never occurred to me before because I’d never played the lottery before.  I tried applying the formula for three months and got zero results.  I was devastated when I didn’t win.  I’d never had the formula fail me before.  The fact that the formula failed me was way more upsetting to me than the fact that I didn’t win the lottery.  My formula was “the ace in my back pocket.”  I always knew that if worst came to worst, I could resort to using it and it would work, because it had always worked in the past.  After I failed to manifest a lottery win, I was so crushed that I didn’t attempt to use the formula again for years.


In 2008, I was on a walk on night, when I suddenly had a major insight into why the Rosicrucian manifestation formula had failed to produce a lottery win.  Without realizing it, I’d unintentionally broken the one rule that the Rosicrucians said to never break.  The rule was that after you decided what you want, and gotten clear, you let go how the desire would manifest completely.  If I’d simply set the intention to become wealthy and let it go, it probably would have worked.  Unfortunately, I’d insisted on forcing the wealth to come through the lottery.  I couldn’t believe I’d made such a beginner mistake!  While I felt great about finally identifying the most likely mistake that had caused my first manifestation failure ever, the more I thought about it, the more disillusioned I became.  What was this manifesting good for it I couldn’t use it for the exact, specific things I wanted?  Why was winning the lottery any different from any other desire?  Why couldn’t I decide to have a lottery win manifest in my life?  I thought a lot about this but I didn’t come up with any good answers that satisfied me.


In 2014, I decided to quit my job, live off my savings, and dedicate myself full-time to my manifesting research.  A major question I wanted to answer is if there was a manifestation formula that was count-on-able and predictable, a formula that could deliver guaranteed results 100% of the time? 


When I started my research, I was only aware of three formulas.  The first was the one that the Rosicrucians had taught me.  The second was the formula from the movie THE SECRET which was Step 1. Ask.  Step 2. Believe.  Step 3. Receive.  The third was the formula I’d learned about from studying Helene Hadsell (aka The Contest Queen).  Helene was famous for winning every prize she ever set her heart on.  She’d won cash, cars, trips to Europe, a dream home and on and on and on.  Her four step formula she called S.P.E.C. and she explained it like this.  Step 1.  Select it.  Step 2. Project it (meaning project all your energy onto this desire you wanted).  Step 3. Expect it (if you projected your energy fully, she found that you’d expect your desire to manifest).  Step 4. Collect it (assuming you did the first three steps correctly you’d collect the prize you wanted).  While I loved Helene’s famous winning track record that was well documented, and I loved that she proved you could win specific contests like a lottery, I’d attempted to use her formula and hadn’t gotten the same results she had.


So, the search was on!  When I started my research, I naïvely assumed that maybe I’d find a couple of more law of attraction formulas and that would be that.  When I found 10, I was a little taken aback, but no big deal.  When, I found 50 unique formulas, I started to become concerned.  After I found a 100 different formulas, with no end in sight, I started to question everything I’d ever thought about the law of attraction.   

Why Are There So Many Different Law Of Attraction Manifesting Formulas?

When most people read that I researched and analyzed 254 Law of Attraction formulas, they think, “How in world could there be 254 different Law of Attraction formulas?”  I was a bit taken aback when I found my first 30 formulas.  When I got to around 90 I couldn’t believe I was still finding more.  At 150 I started to feel overwhelmed.  After 200 I figured there couldn’t be many more.  After 254 I stopped counting. I actually reviewed a lot more than 254 formulas.  The reason I didn’t include the additional formulas, in the list below, is because they were too similar to others I’d already collected.  The formulas I list below have a lot in common with each other but they all have something unique about them.  The uniqueness could be the wording of the formula, the order of the formula, or the formula containing a completely unique step etc.  

My first reaction when I found so many different manifesting formulas was frustration and concern.  It took me over 20 years to finally conclude that manifesting was real and I wasn’t just experiencing lots of coincidences.  However after seeing all the different formulas I thought, “How can manifesting be real if there are over 250 different formulas, all claiming to explain how concepts like the Law of Attraction work and how to get results?  Did I make a mistake?  Maybe I am unusually lucky?  Or maybe coincidences happen way more often than most people realize?”  However after going back and reading through my list of manifesting successes, that spanned a 30 year time period, I was reminded of the famous Robert A. Monroe quote, “The greatest proof of the existence of any particular phenomenon is consistency through repeated observation.”  I had documented 119 different manifesting successes stories from my own life.  Twenty could have been coincidences, even fifty, but after you get over a 100 different experiences, where you consciously think about something and it shows up in your experience, that just can’t be luck, or coincidence, it’s intentional manifestation.

Satisfied that I wasn’t deluding myself about manifesting being real, I began looking for other possible reasons why so many different manifesting formulas would exist.  It took a lot of analyzing but finally I came up with a rough working hypothesis.  People have been studying and learning about manifesting for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.  However it wasn’t until 2006, when the movie THE SECRET came out that the Law of Attraction was introduced into current mainstream society.  The Law of Attraction formula taught in THE SECRET is Ask, Believe and Receive.  I suspect what happened is that people everywhere tried that formula.   People noticed that sometimes the formula really did cause their desires to manifest but other times it didn’t.  This caused people to ask themselves, “Why do my desires manifest sometimes but not others?”  Eventually someone hit on the answer, “When your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all focused on what you want, your desire manifests.  When any one of those areas is not focused on what you want, your desire doesn’t manifest, you’re out of alignment.”  People tested this alignment idea, it proved true, and then people began to notice the different things that caused them to be out of alignment with their desires.  Some noticed they had self-love issues, others expectations issues and others patience issues etc.  Each person took the thing they noticed and added it to the Ask, Believe, Receive formula.  This is why we have hundreds of different formulas that range in length from one step to eighteen steps.

I could stop here and just introduce you to the different manifesting formulas but I want to add in one more thing.  So suddenly we have all these different people, with all these different formulas, that have all these different steps.  Everyone who created a formula by adding steps to the Ask, Believe, Receive formula now believes s/he now has the formula that creates manifesting results.  They rightfully believe this, because they noticed that adding the steps they did, caused their desires to manifest more often than before when they were only doing Ask, Believe, Receive.  The only problem is everybody is experiencing better manifesting results but nobody is experiencing consistent manifesting results.  While their desires are manifesting more, their desires are still not manifesting all the time.

There are a number of reasons why my manifesting checklist makes it possible to manifest guaranteed results ALL THE TIME.  One of the biggest is that I broke down all these different manifesting formulas.  I figured out that everyone’s pet alignment issues, no matter who they are, all revolve around 15 key areas.  I then created the 15 key alignment questions that are the basis of my manifesting checklist.  So it doesn’t matter who you are, my manifesting checklist covers your pet alignment issues.  You start at the top and by the time you’ve reached the bottom of the checklist, you’ve dealt with all your alignment issues.  You know this because when you think of your desire, you feel consistently good about it and of course you then notice that it manifests.  You can get my manifesting checklist by clicking here.

Some things you need to know about the Law of Attraction formulas below…  

In many cases, the links connect directly to the creator's manifesting formula.  Sometimes though the creator didn't make that info public, in those cases I linked to their Amazon or a sales page.

You'll find the formulas created or used by every single Law of Attraction teacher in THE SECRET.  You'll also find the formulas created by every single well known Law of Attraction coach, author and blogger and many of those who aren’t well known too.

Having said that, enjoy the formulas below.  Or if you are a manifesting formula creator, please take a moment to read my thank you note below.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
If you’re reading this it means you created a manifesting formula I studied.   I just wanted to take a moment to give heartfelt thanks.  I would never have been able to create my manifesting checklist without reviewing your formula, studying your thoughts and in many cases readi
ng about you and why you came to the manifesting conclusions that you did.  Thank you for the work you’re doing in the world and for the contribution you made to my life and my manifesting research.  Even though we’ve never met, after pouring over your thoughts, in some small way I feel like I know you.  Maybe one day, we’ll meet in person, and I’ll be able to thank you face-to-face =)  

I need to add in here my conclusions from the formulas I studied to give people direction.

Full Disclosure

I originally did my research on law of attraction/manifesting formulas between 2014/2015 and created the alphabetical list you see below.  At the time each of the 254 formulas listed were unique to each other in some manner.  As the years passed, I let this page sit and didn't update any links that changed.  In August of 2023, I began making sure all the links were current.  What I found is a number of formula creators had added or dropped steps from their original manifesting formulas I'd listed.  Without comparing all the formulas against each other again, I now had no way of knowing if their new formulas duplicated other formulas that I already had listed.  I wasn't interested in doing another time consuming comparison because it wouldn't improve my original research in any way.  Since I no longer could be sure if all the formulas listed were unique from each other, I decided to do two things.  First, I added formulas that could easily be duplicates of ones I already had listed from new law of attraction teachers who had emerged and become popular since 2015.  Second, I added formulas from manifesting teachers that I knew were duplicates simply because the added formula numbers would help my website show up on the first page of more internet searches.

Law of Attraction Manifesting Formulas

Aaron Doughty Increase State Of Being & Focus On What You Want Universal Law of Attraction Formula 
Abraham Hicks The 5 Step Manifestation Process

A Course In Miracles as explained by David S. Wilde Manifest Through Practicing Inner Peace Formula

Adam Sicinski 3 Step Manifesting Formula + Bonus Step (formula is 1/2 way down page)
Adrian Calabrese Ph.D. 6 Step Formula For Getting Everything You Want

Adrian Dorsey The Power Of Thought Comes In Creation Through Emotion Manifesting Prosperity Formula

Alan Tutt The Relax, Indulge, Imagine, Trust, Act Manifesting Formula
Allison Sutter 3 Step Mojo Accelerator Formula
Ana Bey Belief + Action + Consistency + Law of Attraction Life Changing Results Formula 

Anamika Mishra 3 Steps For How To Use The Law of Attraction To Manifest Your Dreams Formula

Anahata Ananda 7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams

AnnaMarie Bardonski (OhhMyAnnie) Manifest With Scripting & Visualization + Dream Apartment Example

Anna Tarasova 3 Step Power Of The Mind + Power Of The Universe + Action Manifest Formula
Andy Dooley Appreciate, Align, Allow Manifesting Faster Formula

Andrew Lutts Intention, Clarity, Affirmations, Visioning Manifesting Formula (clarity questions are pro!)

Andrea Schulman 7 Steps To Manifesting What You Want Formula

Angela Watson Robertson I Stopped Giving A Shit About Manifesting & Embraced The Divine Plan Formula

Anmol Mehta 4 Universal Principles Manifesting Formula
Anna Sayce 6 Step Ma
nifestation Ritual   

Anne M. Bachrach 4 Step Manifest Your Goals Into Reality Formula

Athena Staik, Ph.D. 3 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams And Aspirations Formula
Awesome AJ How To Ask The Universe For Help Law of Attraction Formula

Bashar/Darryl Anka Follow Your Highest Excitement Formula & Video Explanation + Article Explanation
B. Dave Walters 7 Universal Laws of Manifesting Formula

Belinda Davidson Feel The Way The Manifested Wish Would Make You Feel Manifesting Quick Formula

Bianca Guerra 8 Steps To Manifestation

Bill Harris 3 Step Focus, Action, Create Value Manifesting Formula

Bobby Donohue 6 Steps To Being A Manifesting Rock Star Formula

Bob Crawford 3 Easy Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Bob Doyle 4 Step Vibrational Resonance Formula 

Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Universal Laws of Manifesting Success

Boni Lonnsburry 7 Step To Manifesting A Delicious Life Formula

Bre Brown 8 Steps To Manifesting Your New Year's Resolution Formula

Brian Ridgway 5 Keys To Total Personal Freedom Formula

Brittany Carmichael 5 Steps To Manifesting Anything You Want

Bruce Lipton 7 Ways To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Bruce Muzik 7 Law of Attraction Secrets For Experiencing Consistent Real World Results

Brother ChiSing Buddha's 7 Laws of Manifestation
Buddha All that we are is a result of what we have thought.

Buddhability When We Chant And Take Action, We Can Manifest Anything Formula

Cali Gilbert
4 Steps To Manifesting A Life Of Bliss Formula

Candace Charee Attract Things To You By Already Having It In Your Subconscious That It Is Done Formula

Carlos Marin The Ultimate Success Formula
Carol Holaday How To Manifest Your Heart's Desires Through Creative Projects 

Carol K. 4 Step Ask, Believe, Release, Receive Manifesting Formula

Carol Tuttle 5 Law of Attraction Steps To Manifesting Success Formula

Carolyn Boyes 7 Easy Steps Cosmic Ordering Formula

Catherine Ewing 4 Steps To Living A Courageous Life Law of Attraction Formula

Cathleen Campbell 4 Step Living Harmony Manifesting Formula

Catherine Ponder 3 Steps To Manifesting Prosperity Formula

Chakra Khan 3 Step Manifesting Manifesto

Charles Haanel The 24 Lessons of The Master Key System (Free Downloadable Book)

Cheryl Glover 7 Step Dynamic Manifestation Formula

Chris Assad 4 Step Secret That No One Talks About Law of Attraction Formula    

Chris A. Samah 7 Basic Steps Of Manifestation Law of Attraction Formula

Christiane Turner 3 Step Law of Attraction Formula

Christina Lopes How To Manifest Your Dreams Proven 4 Step Formula

Christopher Rivas Feelings Before Things Attraction Formula    

Christy Whitman 7 Essential Laws Manifesting Formula

Chuck Pennington 3 Step Law of Attraction Short-Cut Formula

Cindy Morris 6 Step Energetic Intention Manifestation Formula

Collette Baron-Reid 3 Step Small Self + Soul Needs Manifesting Formula

Constance Arnold 7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams
Cynthia Occelli 7 Step Manifesting Your Heart's Desires Formula

Cynthia P. Stafford The 5 Law of Attraction Steps She Took To Manifest $112 Million Dollars In The Lottery

Dan Lok How The Law of Attraction Really Works (What You Consume, What You Say, Your Habits Formula)
Dan Tech 4 Step Change Your Story & Manifest The Life Story Of Your Dreams Process

Danny Wells 4 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Dari Awakened 5 Steps For How To Instantly Manifest You Want Formula

David Cameron Gikandi How To Manifest Without Fail Pyramid ExplainedFocus And Follow Formula

David Hooper 3 Step "Rich Switch" Law of Attraction Manifestation Formula
David Sunfellow 8 Step Master The World Through Love Manifesting Formula

David Spangler Positive Beingness Manifesting Formula
Dax Fiddes 5 Step Manifesting Method

Dean Portinga The Amazing Bible Story Of Joshua Explained Through 7 Step Manifesting Formula
Debbie Friedman 9 Steps To Manifesting Your Goals & Dreams

Debbie Taylor 8 Steps To Mastering The Law of Attraction Blueprint
Debra Betterly 8 Steps To Creating Your Best Life (scroll down 3/4 the webpage to find the 8 steps)

Deepak Chopra 6 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula   

Dee Wallace Love Vibration Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Denis Waitley Visualize Then You Materialize, When You Go There In The Mind You Go There In The Body

Devi Sietaram 3 Steps To Manifest Your Desires

Dimple Thakrar 6 Manifesting Steps She Used To Create 6 Figure Biz In 6 Months No Marketing Formula

Donna Levi Labermeier 3 Step B + E = T Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Dolores Cannon How To Manifest Anything You Want In Life In 2 Easy Steps 
Dr. Bobbie Stevens 7 Step Manifesting
Your Visions Formula

Earl Nightingale
Emotion & Repetition Subconscious Seeding Process

Eckart Tolle How To Successfully Manifest Your Dreams 1 Step Taught By Jesus Formula

Eddie Coronado The Prosperity Action Plan
Edwin Harkness Spina 3 Steps To Manifesting Your Ideal Life 

Egan Sanders 3 Step Definite Manifesting Formula

Elan/Andrew Bayuk 4 Step Decide Now Manifesting Formula
Emmanuel Dagher 2 Step Manifesting With Meditation Guidance Formula

Enoch Tan 2 Step Intention With Detachment Ultimate Manifesting Formula (scroll to bottom for formula) 

Erica Douglass 4 Step Manifesting Large Sums Of Money Formula
Erika Dolnackova 7 Step Modern Goddess Manife
sting Formula

Ernest Holmes It Is Done Unto You As You BELIEVE Manifesting Formula

Evan Carmichael 4 Steps For Manifesting Success

Florence Scovel Shinn
Power Of The Word Manifesting Process & her book Power of The Spoken Word
Forbes Robbins Blair 9 Steps Manifestation Matrix Formula

Fred Fengler, Ph.D & Todd Varnum 3 Basic Principles Of Manifesting Formula
Free Spirit 7 Steps To Manifesting Your Desires The Free Spirited Way 

Gabrielle Bernstein
The 5 Principles For Manifesting Your Desires Formula

Gabrielle Sales 10 Ways To Manifest Your Dream Life
Gaia/Pepper Lewis  5 Steps To Creating A New Reality

Ginny Gane 3 Simple Steps To Become The Deliberate Creator Of Your Life
Gem Goddess (Leanna Amiree Palmer) The 5 Steps To Manifesting Anything Formula
George Lizos 1 Step Proven Formula To Manifest Your Desires Instantly   

Gregg Braden 7 Chakras Manifesting Formula

Greg Kuhn 7 Steps To Creating Pleasing Realities Manifesting Formula


Hanna Flores The 4 Step Proven Blueprint For Manifesting The Life You Truly Desire Formula
Hale Dwoskin The Sedona M
ethod & here's how it is used for manifesting.
Helen Abbott 10 Eas
y To Follow Steps To Creating Your Ideal Life

Helene Hadsell S.P.E.C. Law of Attraction Formula & her book Name It & Claim It (full of success stories)  

Hemal Radia 3 Step Law of Attraction Equation   

Hilary Stokes & Kim Ward 6 Step Formula For Attracting Your Goals & Dreams

Ilona Anne Hress
1 Step Manifes
ting With 5th Dimensional Frequencies

Inward Quest Manifesting Step-By-Step Free Course + 5 Manifesting Experiments
Isabel Palacios 
To Manifest Anything In 4 Steps Manifestation Formula    

Jack Canfield
The Most Fa
mous 3 Step Law of Attraction Formula In The World   

Jackie Lapin Practical Conscious Creation Steps

Jackie Woods The Growth & Manifestation Cycle

Jake Ducey Speak Into Reality What Is Already There And Drop Plan B 3 Step Manifesting Formula
James Arthur Ray 7 Step Visualization Formula

James F. Twyman I Am That, I Am Manifesting Formula
James Weaver The Attraction Blue Print 4 Manifestation Steps Formula

Jana Matthews 3 Step New Moon Manifesting Formula

Janette Dalgliesh 2 Step "Lights You Up And Easy For You" Manifesting Formula

Jason Mangrum 1 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula
Jason Nelson  8 Steps
To Making The Law of Attraction Work Every Time
Jeannette Maw 3 St
ep Easy Peasy Manifesting Formula
Jeffrey A. Martin The God Formula

Jenn Stevens The Easiest Law of Attraction Formula Ever

Jennifer Bailey The Half Of The Manifesting Formula That People Miss 

Jennifer Landis 4 Steps For Manifesting The Life You Want Through Helping Others
Jennifer Longmore 10 Universal Laws For Successful Manifestation

Jeremiah Givens 8 Steps For How To Honestly Manifest Anything You Want Formula

Jessica Rueger 5 Steps For Manifesting Greatness Formula

Jesus And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing ye shall receive.

Joanna "Hippie Witch" DeVoe 5 Step Law of Attraction Equation

Joanne The Psychic Medium 6 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula
Joe Dalio 5 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Dr. Joe Dispenza 5 Steps to Change Your Life Formula

Joe Rapisarda 3 Step Manifestation Process

Joe Vitale 5 Step Attraction Factor Manifesting Formula

John Assaraf 5 Steps To Visualizing Your Goals Formula
John Cali & Spirit The Secret to Manifesting Your Dreams In 3 Steps Law of Attraction Formula
Dr. John F. Demartini The 13 Step Manifestation Formula Behind The Law of Attraction
John Kehoe 3 Step Manifesting Formula

John Robson 3 Keys To Manifestation Formula
Johanne Gallagher 7 Steps of Creation

Jonathan Goldman 3 Step Manifestation Formula
Jonathan Manske 6 Step Law of Attraction Man
ifestation Formula
Jon Rasmussen 5 Steps To Dreaming Your World Into Being
Jordan Lejuwaan 5 Step Law of Attraction Man
ifesting Formula
Dr. Joseph Murphy Power Of Effective Prayer (more info in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind book)

Jose Silva 7 Step Silva Method Goal and Manifesting Formula (explained by Laura Silva) 
Joshua/Gary Temple Bodley 5 Step Magic Power Of Creation Formula

Joyce Meyer Prayer: What It Is And How It Works

Judith Morales 3 Steps To Manifesting Your Desires Formula

Julia Rogers Hamrick The Choosing Easy World Manifestation Formula

Juliet Martine 5 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Julie Hopkins (aka The Traveling Witch) 7 Awesome Ways To Manifest With The Waxing Moon

Julie Rose 5 Key Manifesting Steps

Kate Corbin 3 Action Steps For Conscious Creators Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Kathleen Cameron 4 Step Formula For Manifesting Anything You Want
Ka Sundance 7 Rules For Creating Anything You Want
Kai-Ashley Clifford 4
 Steps (Feel, Believe, Know, Act) To Get What You Really Want Formula
Katherine Hurst 4 Step Formula
For Manifesting Your Dreams

Kelly Kaye Walker The 6 Step Drive Through Manifesting Formula (manifesting w/your purpose key lesson)

Kendra E. Thornbury 13 Manifesting Essentials Process

Kenneth James Michael MacLean 5 Universal Laws

Kenneth Wong 5-Step Spiritual Manifestation Method That Works

Kerri Cummings Master The Power of Projection and Manifesting In 5 Steps Process
Kitty Bishop Ph.D 5 Steps To Manifest Your
Kris Krohn Mechanics of Manifesting 3 Step

Kristen Howe Your Attitude Is Your Reality 3 Step Law Of Attraction Formula 
Kristopher Lane 5 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula
Kyron/Lee Carroll Co-Creation Formula

Laura Silva Quesada 5 Steps Master Your Mind Master Your Life Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula
Laurel Clark 3 Step Formula
For Manifesting Success

Lazaris/Jach Pursel Consciously Creating Success By Aiming At The Means & Allow The Ends To Follow
Lee Haskin 13 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Leeor Alexandra 2 Step Put In Your Order & Stop Obsessing Manifesting Formula

Leo Gura Think About What You Want Law of Attraction Formula
Lifespirit Center The Be, Want, Allow Manifestation Formula (starts at 5:13 in video)
Lisa Nichols The Key Is To Evoke The Emotion As If You Were There Manifesting Visualization Formula

Lori Jean Opal 7 Secrets To Manifesting Formula (She's probably the best in the world at teaching self-love.)
Lori L Mitchell 8 Step Manifesting Method

Luke Coutinho 2 Steps How To Manifest Formula

Lynda Madden Dahl & Seth Moment Point Manifesting
Lynn Grabhorn Feel The Way It Would Feel Manifesting Formula (video reading of 1st chapter of her book)

Mandy Morris 8 Secrets To Powerful Manifesting
Marci Shimoff & Bill Levacy 3 Step Intention, Attention, NO Tension Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula
Margot Zaher & Jafree Ozwald 3 Steps (Intention, Detach, Feeling of Having) Manifesting Formula
Marie Diamond 3 Levels of Law of Attraction  Manifesting Pro
cess (levels formula starts at 6:15)
Marilyn Holzmann Clarity, Release & Connection Process

Mari Mitchell 4 Steps "Believing Without Seeing"
 Manifesting Process
Marieta Oslanec Step Embody Having It All Manifestation Formula

Marina Girgis Manifesting Your Dream Life: A Proven 5 Step Formula

Maris Peer The 4 Manifesting Steps + Then Create A Mood Board To Focus & Make It Happen

Mary Kate Just 3 Steps To Manifesting Anything Formula

Matthew Ferry 8 Step Proven Manifesting Process
Melody Fletcher 
5 Steps/Stages To Making Things Physical Law of Attraction Formula

Melissa Wadsworth 9 Step Collective Manifestation Formula   

Meera Lester 6 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula   

M. Freire 3 Stages Of Attraction Formula

Michael Alperstein 3 Key Manifestation Steps Process 
Michael Beckwith 3 Step Love Visioning Manifesting Process
Michael Losier 3 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula (article on 3 step formula from his book)

Michael Mirdad World Will Reflect What We Believe About Ourselves Manifestation Formula (video 21:53)

Michael B. Mosley The Law of Attraction Equation 
Michelle Martin Dobbins 
Improve Your Focus In 3 Areas Personal Alchemy Manifestation Success Formula
Michele Meiche 5 Step Guided Imagery Be Your Own Success Coach Manifesting Formula
Mike Dooley Manifest Your Desires By Following 2 Steps 
Formula (this video explains formula further)

Mireille Parker Just Decide 5 Step Manifesting Method
Momentum Mikey What You Consume Determines What You Create Law of Attraction Formula

Namaste Faustino 15 Questions For Guaranteed Manifesting Results Checklist

Nanette Geiger 3 Part Equation of Manifesting
Napoleon Hill 6 Step Results Formula
Natalia PH 6 Step Master The L
aw of Attraction Formula
Nathan ? 7 Natural Laws Of The
Neale Donald Walsch 6 Step Law Of Attraction Process

Neville Goddard Secret Feeling Manifesting Formula
Nick Ortner 5 Step Process For Quickly Manifesting With EFT Tapping
Niurka Step-By-Step Conscious Creation Form

Noah St. John 5 Things You Can Do Today To Manifest Your Desires

Operation Meditation
8 Tips For Using The Law of M
Orin/Sanaya Roman & Daben/Duane Packer 7 Steps To Manifesting With Divine Will

Pam Sterling 4 Steps To Mastering Manifestation

Paul/Frank Butterfield 3 Step Creation Formula

Peggy McColl 4 Step Desire, Decide, Dedicate, Demand Manifesting Process
Pernille Madsen 3 Step Law of Attraction Process

Peter Baksa 3 Step Intend, Declare, Detach Manifestation Formula


Quazi Johir The 3 Stages of Manifesting What You Want + How To Manifest It By Doing Nothing

Ralph Smart Your Internal Condition Must Match What You Want To Experience Manifesting Formula
Ramtha Whatever Knowingness You Allow Yourself To Receive Will Become Your Reality (page 2 of the pdf)

Regan Hillyer 12 Steps For How You Can Manifest Your Ideal Reality & 11 Steps To Manifesting Wealth
Renee Amberg Ask, Believe, Receive Formula Applied To Manifesting Your Biggest Dreams (House Example)

Renee Garcia 5 Steps To Audaciously Creating Your Reality Formula

Rhonda Byrne (Creator of THE SECRET) You Get What You Believe Formula & Rhonda's Advice To Use It
Richard Bach Blue Feather Manifesting Exercise

Richard Spitzer The Manifestation Formula (video #1 & video #2 explaining formula)

Rob Dial Change Your Paradigm, Tune Into It, Take Action Law of Attraction Manifesting Anything Formula
Robert Zink 7 Law of Attraction Secrets for Manifesting Success

Rochel Holzkenner Think Good And It Will Be Good Jewish Law of Attraction Formula
Rosicrucians 7 Cosmic Principles

Sadhguru Be Clear To Manifest What You Want Formula

Sam Ozkural 5 Steps To Using The Law of Attraction Formula 
Sanjiv Ranjan 8 Steps From Intention To Manifestation
Sarah Centrella 8 Steps To Living Your Dream

Sarah Prout 5 Easy Steps To Manifesting Miracles

Sarupa Shah 7 Step Manifestation Plan

Satori Method 3 Step Permission To Desire, Permission To Have, Identity Law of Attraction Formula

Serena 3 Step Learning How To Manifest Anything Formula

Seth/Jane Roberts 1 Step You Get What You Concentrate Upon Manifesting Process (info in Reality section)

Shakti Gawain 4 Step Creative Visualization Process

Sherold Barr 6 Step How To Manifest What You Want With Real Life Proof Formula

Shonnetta's Steps For Getting Results Every Single Time Using Scripting Law of Attraction Formula

Sonia Ricotti 11 Step Law of Attraction Manifestation Formula

Song Chengxiang 6 Step Guide To Manifesting Your Desires

Dr. Sophia Reed Have Faith, Behave Like It Will Come, Believe It Will Come Christian Manifesting Formula

Susan Ferraro 6 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula (six steps @ 44:18 in the video)

Stephanie Fleitas 7 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Process + bonus blog post on importance of intuition

Stephen Hawley Martin 7 Step Secret Law of Attraction On Steroids Manifesting Formula

Steve D’Annunzio 4 Step Good Intention Law of Attraction Formula

Steve Martile 5 Step How To Use The Law of Attraction To Achieve Your Dreams Formula

Steve Pavlina 5 Step How Intentions Manifest Formula

Steve Pohlit 4 Step Amazing Experiences Universal Formula 

Steven Aitchison 3 Laws Of The Law of Attraction Formula
Sunny Lenarduzzi The 3 Step Manifestation Formula That Earned Her Over A Million Dollars
Sunny Schlenger The Flow Formula (11 elements explain how to manifest by being in the flow)

Tania Kotsos
5 Step Conscious Creation Process

Dr. Tara Stewart 6 Steps To Manifest Your Goals Using Action Boards (start 9:25) + more details in her book

Teal Swan Conscious Creation From Our Higher Selves Manifesting Formula

Ted Brassfield 7 Step Law of Attraction Formula

Tera Maxwell 10 Steps Law of Attraction Checklist 

Teza Ziacita Manifesting Your Heart's Desires Through The Akashic Records 4 Step Formula
Thomas Herold 7 Principles Of Su
ccessful Manifesting
Tobi Ellison 11 Step Law
of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Tom Murasso We Attract What We Believe Formula + additional details in his book

Tony Burroughs 3 Step Intenders Circle Manifesting Formula

Tony Robbins 5 Steps For How To Use The Law of Attraction Process

Tori MacDonald 7 Steps To Make Anything Happen Manifestation Formula

Vadim Zeland/Roy Gan 10 Golden Rules of Reality Transurfing (website, book, video with more information)
Victor Oddo 7 Steps To Manifest Your Goals Into Reality

Vishen Lakhiani 6 Steps To Manifest The Future You Want Method

Wallace D. Wattles 3 Steps To Manifesting What You Want Formula From The Science Of Getting Rich Book 

Wayne Dyer 13 Habits For Mastering The Art Of Getting What You Want Manifesting Formula
Wendy Bett 3 Steps To Activate The La
w of Attraction

William Meinsen 7 Step Law of Attraction Manifesting Formula

Will Parfitt Parfitt & Marilyn Barker  6 Step Manifestation Of Will Formula

William Sumner (Brian Hemmer) 5 Easy Steps To Create What You Want Law of Attraction Formula

William Wittann 6 Step How to Magically Attract The Life You Want Most Formula

ZaKaiRan 7 Step Pranic Divine Life Force Manifestation Formula

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