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Since learning about the Law of Attraction in 1985, exactly 30 years ago, I've successfully manifested over 119 of my desires into reality.  You'll find 90 of those stories below.  The stories range from manifesting ordinary things like parking spaces, free See's chocolates (delicious!), and a meeting being rescheduled in my favor to manifesting extraordinary things like a diamond, a fantasy penthouse suite in Vegas and a multi-millionaire mentor who helped me in a previous business I owned.  I randomly selected eight of these stories and pasted them in below.  If you want to read the rest, I put them all into a downloadable PDF document at the bottom of the page.

Or if you'd like to read about the progress I'm making on manifesting millions of dollars and the lifestyle of my dreams please click here


My First Millionaire Mentor
I’d owned a business in high school which results in me being voted Most Likely To Succeed.  In my freshman year of college I met a group of older successful businessmen who had recently become involved in multi-level marketing.  They told me their goals were to get out of their traditional businesses, and focus solely on their network marketing businesses.  Suddenly, college didn’t make sense to me anymore.  I was going to college to get a degree, so I could be like these guys; and all these guys wanted to do was succeed in network marketing.  I got into network marketing, left college and never looked back.

Two years later all the successful businessmen I’d met when I first got involved network marketing had quit.  I wasn’t about to give up so easily.  I realized I just needed to find a super successful person who could mentor me in business.  I put out the intention, and to my delight, the Universe literally responded a few hours later.

I was driving down the California coast, just outside of Santa Barbara, when a baby blue Jaguar flew by me in the left hand lane.  The license plate on the car said MRS MLM.  MLM stands for multi-level marketing.  My intuition told me to chase the car.  I didn’t want to, but the feeling was so intense that I slammed on the gas.  I caught up to the Jaguar and waved.  The Jaguar zoomed off and left me in the dust.  I kept going though, and caught up to it again.  I tried to flag the driver.  Again, the driver tore off.  I chased after it again, and this time the Jaguar exited the high way.  I followed as it pulled into a gas station.  I pulled up next to the Jaguar and the driver side window rolled down just a little bit.  I couldn’t see inside because all the windows were tinted.  I heard a female voice with a New York sounding accent say, “What-da-ya-want?”  I replied, “I was hoping you had a business opportunity for me.  I saw your license plate.”  I heard the woman laugh, and she opened the door.  

“My name is Sandy.” she said, introducing herself.  “Do you know who I am?”  I was only 21 years old.  I had no idea.  And she didn’t tell me…just took my info and said, “I’ll be in touch.”

She contacted me a few days later and I soon found out that I’d hit the jackpot!  Sandy was a multi-million dollar earning distributor.  She was known throughout the MLM industry.  She had her own book.  She was an industry icon!  And she took her time, to work with me which resulted in me achieving the most success I’d had in the industry up to that point.  Then my dream changed and I moved on.  I’ll always be thankful for the time Sandy spent mentoring me.

Coolest Place To Be In The United States Of America:
On The Night Of December 31, 1999

Not just any New Years, but the millennium was coming up.  What would I do to celebrate the momentous occasion?  I began thinking: I’ll bet the biggest party in the world is going to be in Times Square.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that was the only place I wanted to be that night.  The only problem was that I was living in California.  My business had just taken a tumble, falling down around my ears.  Even my truck’s driveshaft had broken.  Now, I was broke.  There was no way I could afford a trip to NYC.  

I didn’t let that stop me though, I set the intention and released it to the Universe.  October passed.  November passed.  December started, and I still had no idea how I was going to be there.  I just knew I had to be there.  I pictured myself there at least three times a day.

Christmas came and went, and still no sign of how I was going to be there.  Then, on December 27th, my parents suddenly decided that my sister was moving to Philadelphia, to live with my aunt.  They needed my sister’s car transported across the country.  They called to find out the price, and it was high.  When I heard this, I said, “I’ll drive it if you’ll just pay for the gas and food and stuff.”  They agreed.  I called my friend, and a few hours later we were on the road.  We drove non-stop, arriving in Philly 52 hours later.  New York was less than a day’s drive away.   We got a night’s sleep, showered, and the next day arrived in Times Square, at noon.  I love the Law of Attraction!

A few years later, the full story of this manifestation was included in the book: LIVING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION by Robin Hoch and Rich German.

Cash For Multi-Month Overseas Trip To Thailand
When I was 28 years old, I made a promise to a friend of mine that, if schedule freed up, I’d stop everything, and finally take off to travel the world.  Why?  She’d been hearing me talk about traveling the world forever.  And she’d never seen me take any action.  I had wanted to but was busy chasing my other dreams. 


A few months after making that promise, to my total surprise, I found myself with some time on my hands.  I still needed traveling money though.  I put the intention out to the Universe.  It delivered it in the form of a job at  After five months I’d saved $3500.  But I’d needed $7000.  So I put the intention out to the Universe to bring me the additional funds.  The Universe delivered again.  In the next two months, I made really high commissions.  I then left for Southeast Asia with over $7500 in my pocket.

Talking To Abraham Hicks From The Hot Seat
I’d been listening to Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction teachers, for awhile.  I really enjoyed their teachings.  But I still had a problem with their claim of being non-physical entities, collectively calling themselves Abraham.  I decided I wanted to talk to them.  My girlfriend and I got tickets to the next seminar, in Los Angeles.  I began visualizing.  While visualizing, I told Abraham that I wanted to talk to them.  I visualized being chosen to be in the hot seat, which would allow me to talk to them on stage.  Then, I released my intention to the Universe.

We arrived an hour early.  To my surprise, we were some of the last people to show up.  Our seats were practically in the last row!  How was Abraham going to pick me with us sitting so far in back?  I began visualizing finding two seats near the front.  At lunch, we went to see if there were any seats that people hadn’t already saved, near the front.  We found two seats right in the front row.  Thirty minutes later, Abraham picked me to sit in the hot seat.  It was an interesting conversation.  I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying.  I was simply observing Esther.  The thing that convinced me that something else was going on beyond her talking to me, was her eyes.  When I looked into her eyes, I sensed an intelligence that I wasn’t familiar with.  That was the proof I had needed.

I want to point out that this story, actually, is two manifestation success stories in one.  The first was manifesting seats at the front of the seminar.  The second was manifesting being picked by Abraham for the hot seat.


Manifesting The Woman Of My Dreams
When I turned 30 years I decided to make some time in my non-stop work schedule to find the woman of my dreams.  I’d successfully manifested girlfriends in the past so I followed the same manifesting formula I’d used before.  Basically this involved coming up with a list of qualities I wanted in a significant other and releasing my desire to the Universe.  Three months passed and nothing happened.  I reviewed the formula steps, checking to see if I’d made any mistakes.  I’d done everything right.  I thought, “Maybe it takes the Universe a bit longer to find the actual woman of my dreams, compared to finding me a girlfriend.”  Six months passed and still nothing happened.  I reviewed the steps of the formula again, once more hoping I’d find a mistake.  Unfortunately I really had done everything right.  So I thought, “I just need to relax and be happy. I don’t want to start focusing on her not being in my life, because that will definitely cause her to not show up.”  Nine months passed, and then a year passed without me having even gone on a single date.  I’d never had to wait longer than a few months for a relationship to manifest.  Something was obviously wrong.

One night I was driving home from work, reviewing my manifesting formula in my head for the 100th time, hoping that somehow I’d figure out what I was doing wrong.  Suddenly an insight hit me!  I realized that there are actually three components involved in manifesting a desire: the Law of Attraction, the manifesting formula and me.  I didn’t see how the problem could be me so the first thing I looked at was the Law of Attraction component.

It didn’t take me long, though, before I realized the problem couldn’t be the Law of Attraction itself.  Why?  I’d manifested other stuff in the past 12 months.  Other people had, too.  If the Law of Attraction was broken, none of us would have been able to do that.   

Having realized the problem couldn’t be the Law of Attraction, I quickly realized the problem couldn’t be my Law of Attraction formula either.  Why?  Because I’d successfully manifested girlfriends in the past using it.  Manifesting formulas don’t suddenly break.  All I had to do, to prove to myself that my manifesting formula still worked, was to use it to manifest something else.
The problem had to be me.  That was super confusing.  How could I be the problem?  I thought about it, and realized the only way I could be the problem was if I didn’t actually want to manifest the woman of my dreams.    I would have dismissed the idea as insane but the evidence I had was too strong to ignore.  So I asked myself, “Why wouldn’t I want to manifest the woman of my dreams?”  Immediately the thought that popped into my mind was, “Because I don’t want another woman in my life nagging me about my work schedule!”  

As I mentioned, I’ve always been a happy workaholic.  Unfortunately the price of being this way meant that my relationships have always started out with my date saying, “It’s great that you’re so ambitious.”  A short time later though it always turned into, “Why aren’t you spending more time with me?”  Within about six months, I’d get tired of being nagged about my schedule and drop the relationship or she’d walk away on her own.

After having the nagging realization, I understood why the Law of Attraction wasn’t delivering the woman of my dreams to me.  On one hand I focused on what I wanted (the woman of my dreams).  On the other hand I was unknowingly focused on what I didn’t want (another woman in my life nagging me about not spending enough time with her).  As everyone knows, the first step in manifesting a desire is focusing on what you want.  Since I was focused on what I didn’t want, as well as what I did want, the Law of Attraction had no idea which one I wanted.  No wonder it wasn’t delivering her to me!

I loved how much sense everything was beginning to make; but I was also worried.  I’d never had a relationship where the woman I was dating hadn’t nagged me about my work schedule.  I knew I needed to find a solution but what could it be?  I thought and thought.  Two weeks later, I figured it out!  I’d add workaholic to the list of ideal qualities of the woman of my dreams.  If she truly was a workaholic, she’d be elated to meet a guy like me -- who wouldn’t nag her about her schedule.  Talk about a match made in heaven!


I wasn't done yet though.  I'd written down a number of other reasons why I didn't want the woman of my dreams to show up.  It took a few more weeks but I found solutions to all of them.  Finally I was done.  Now that I was no longer focused on what I didn’t want and my focus was completely on what I wanted, the Law of Attraction delivered results with blinding speed.  Within seven days a woman showed up in my life.  Then to my surprise another showed up, and another and then another!  I went from not being able to get a date to actually having too many options.  After a short romance that helped me completely clarify my desires I found Regina.  As I got to know her I was floored when I realized she had 17 1/2 out of the 18 qualities I'd wanted my significant other to have.  Regina truly was the woman of my dreams (at that point in my life).


Large Center Stone Diamond For Regina’s Wedding Ring
When Regina and I got married, we decided to elope.  I wanted her wedding ring to be something I was truly proud of, not some spur of the moment purchase made out of necessity.  I gave her a promise ring, and then, decided to manifest a truly spectacular diamond I’d be proud of seeing her wear.  I released my desire to the Universe, and that was that.  

I didn’t think about my desire again until the morning, when walking through the Las Vegas airport, that I saw something sparkle on the ground.  I reached down, and picked up a diamond.  It was big!  I assumed it had to be a fake, one that had fallen off a teenager’s dress or something.  I was about to throw it away.   Then, suddenly, I stopped.  I could see a tiny inclusion in the stone.  What are inclusions?  Inclusions are little hairline cracks in a diamond. Some of them can be seen with the naked eye, if you look closely.  Others need to be looked at it using a jeweler’s loop.  I thought: Why would someone make a fake diamond with an inclusion?  I bet this is a real diamond!  I put it in my bag.  A short time later, Regina and I went together to the jewelers.  

I showed the saleslady the diamond and said, “I found this.  Can you tell me if it’s real?”  

She put it in a handheld laser device, pulled the trigger, and replied, “Congrats!  You found a real diamond.”  

I was confused.  I asked her, “How in the world could I just find a diamond?  Why would someone be carrying a diamond around?”  

“It fell out of someone’s ring,” she replied. “That’s why we tell all our customers to get their prongs checked once a year.  Otherwise, they risk this exact thing happening to them.”

We ended up having the diamond set in a ring setting that Regina designed herself.  I’ll never forget picking it up from the jewelers, it truly was spectacular.


Front Rail at U2 Concert
We got to the concert five hours before the doors opened.  We found ourselves with thousands of people in front of us.  I wanted to be on the front rail.  (Front rail is the same as front row seats.)  I began visualizing being on the front rail.  Then, a great idea hit me.  I began to feel the feeling of wrapping my hands around the front row railing.  I felt the cool railing in my hands over and over again.  As the day progressed, I noticed something:  We were actually moving backwards.  Things were getting even worse.  It didn’t make any sense.  How could we be going further back?  

I left my friend, and went to take a look.  What was happening was people had been saving spaces for their friends.  Every time a new friend showed up the line backed up a bit.  I wasn’t happy but there was nothing I could do about it.  So I just got back in line.  I doubled my visualizing efforts.  I kept feeling the feel of the cold rail between my hands: over and over and over again.

At 5pm, the doors opened.  The crowd surged.  As soon as we made it into the auditorium, we sprinted forward.  Due to some confusion, we were able to sprint around a group of people. We headed straight for the front rail.  We grabbed the last two spots available on that rail!  When my hands wrapped around that cool railing, I smiled.  It felt just like I’d imagined it would.  And, what a sight it was --Seeing U2 from the very front row.  It truly was an amazing experience, and a memory I’ll always cherish.

Penthouse Suite At The Palms Casino
In 2005, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.  I lived in apartments across the street from the Palms Casino.  After working all day, I’d get home 8 or 9 pm.  On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I would always hear music thumping as I walked to my apartment.  It was coming from the club at the top of the Palms Casino.  That always bugged me because I would have liked to be clubbing too but instead I was headed inside to start working again.  I always spent my evenings and weekends working on my dreams.  It was a challenging schedule to keep for a few months.  I went on living it for years.

One Friday night, in 2011, I arrived home from my day job, got out of my car and, of course, heard the music thumping.  I stopped and thought: One day I’m going to be staying at a penthouse suite in that casino, instead of being down here with my nose to the grindstone.  I went inside, ate dinner, then sat down to work, and paused a moment.  I quickly googled some pictures of the penthouse suites at the Palms.  One had an incredible view, overlooking the strip.  It was perfect; I could just see myself relaxing in that suite.  I printed it out and put it up on my dream board.

In October of 2013, a woman named Boom-Boom, who had been living in Korea, moved to Las Vegas.  When she was still in Korea, a mutual friend of ours had introduced us, via Facebook.  We were both cautious.  But a connection happened.  Soon we began dating.  Neither of us gambled, although, we both enjoyed the strip.  So we spent time visiting the different casinos.  One day, we decided to stay in one.  When Boom-Boom asked me where I’d like to stay, I instantly thought of the Palms Casino -- because of the picture on my dream board.  I mentioned it, then, immediately regretted it.  I’d always thought, for my first stay, at least, I’d live my dream, in a penthouse suite.  I didn’t want to spend that kind of money now.   I was saving up to open a business in 2014.

We discussed options.  The Palms was the only casino I really wanted to stay in.  So we went online and looked at rooms.  Boom-Boom loves beautiful environments.   We found a room that suited her tastes.  Although it wasn’t a penthouse suite, I had to admit that it was still amazing.

We arrived around 5:30 pm, on December 2, 2013.  The room was just as beautiful as it had been in the pictures.  We had a great evening.  Around 10 pm we fell asleep, only to wake up, shortly after, because the room was suddenly really cold.  We couldn’t figure out how to fix the room temperature, so we called downstairs.  They sent some repairmen up.  They couldn’t figure out how to fix it either.  The front desk told us to pack our stuff.  They were moving us to a different room.

We’d been staying on the 7th floor.  When we got in the elevator, we realized our new room was on the 35th floor.  After stepping off the elevator, we walked down the hallway.

Boom-Boom wondered that there were so few doors, not the usual room after room.  There were only a handful of doors on the entire 35th floor.  We arrived at the door of our new room.  As you’ve probably guessed by now, our new room was a penthouse suite, not only that, but one of the nicest penthouse suites in the entire casino!  
We set our stuff down in the living room, and began wandering around. The suite had everything: a Bose sound system, a bar with beautiful red and gold tile work, a fire place in front of the bed, matching bathrobes, a Jacuzzi bathtub, and probably the coolest thing was the shower.  This was not just a shower but (a shower room) where you turn on the shower and water comes at you from all sides.  While that was all great, my favorite thing was the view from the gigantic picture windows.  Just like in the picture on my dream board, I could see the side of the original Palms’ tower, a stunning view of the strip, and the Rio Casino.  The beautiful penthouse suite, with its amazing view, is a classic example of co-creation at its finest.
  Boom-Boom’s love of beautiful environments, combined with my desire to stay in a penthouse suite, caused this experience to manifest.

But the story isn’t over yet.  It gets even better!  As soon as I got home from dropping Boom-Boom off at her place, I immediately went to look at my dream board.  The first thing I saw was the picture of the penthouse suite at the Palms, with the stunning view of the strip, and the Rio Casino (almost virtually the same view we’d had from our penthouse suite).  After looking at it, I began looking around at the other pictures on my board.  My dream board is gigantic, about 4ft wide and 6ft tall, the size of a double door.  So there are a lot of pictures on it.  Suddenly, my eyes stopped.  I looked closer.  WOW!!!!  In 2008, I’d seen the movie 21.  It was about a team of college students that came to Vegas to count cards.  I liked the movie a lot.  I especially related to the main character Ben (played by Jim Sturgess).  Ben put everything on the line to go after his dream, came to Vegas, and made it happen; Plus, he got the girl of his dreams, named Jill, (played by Kate Bosworth).  There is a scene in the movie where Jill invites Ben up to her penthouse suite overlooking the strip.  As I watched that scene, I thought to myself: One day that’s going to be me.  A few days after seeing the movie, I found a picture online that represented everything I wanted to experience from that movie.  I added it to my dream aboard.

Staring at the picture on my dream board, from the 21 movie, I began grinning ear-to-ear for the second time in 24 hours.  Then, I laughed out loud!  DREAM BOARDS ARE SO AMAZING!!!!  Not only had I gotten to experience the scene in the movie where Jill invites Ben up to her penthouse suite, I’d also gotten the girl!  Not only was Boom-Boom super smart like Kate Bosworth’s character Jill is in the movie, but Boom-Boom even looked like Kate Bosworth’s character Jill does in the movie: down to her brown hair, the classy way she dresses, and even her bob hair cut!  Crazier yet!  The picture from the movie on my dream board has Ben dressed a bit sloppily compared to Jill; and Boom-Boom had given me a hard time about arriving at a nice casino dressed less nicely than I should be.  Amazing!

So that's my first eight manifesting stories, if you'd like to read another 82 manifesting success stories please download the Manifesting Stories PDF below =)


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