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Are You Unconsciously Blocking The Law of Attraction From Delivering Your Desired Manifestation To Y

When I turned 30 years I decided to make some time in my non-stop work schedule to find the woman of my dreams. I’d successfully manifested girlfriends in the past so I followed the same manifesting formula I’d used before. Basically this involved coming up with a list of qualities I wanted in a significant other and releasing my desire to the Universe. Three months passed and nothing happened. I reviewed the formula steps, checking to see if I’d made any mistakes. I’d done everything right. I thought, “Maybe it takes the Universe a bit longer to find the actual woman of my dreams, compared to finding me a girlfriend.” Six months passed and still nothing happened. I reviewed the steps of the formula again, once more hoping I’d find a mistake. Unfortunately I really had done everything right. So I thought, “I just need to relax and be happy. I don’t want to start focusing on her not being in my life, because that will definitely cause her to not show up.” Nine months passed, and then a year passed without me having even gone on a single date. I’d never had to wait longer than a few months for a relationship to manifest. Something was obviously wrong.

One night I was driving home from work, reviewing my manifesting formula in my head for the 100th time, hoping that somehow I’d figure out what I was doing wrong. Suddenly an insight hit me! I realized that there are actually three components involved in manifesting a desire: the Law of Attraction, the manifesting formula and me. I didn’t see how the problem could be me so the first thing I looked at was the Law of Attraction component. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION It didn’t take me long, though, before I realized the problem couldn’t be the Law of Attraction itself. Why? I’d manifested other stuff in the past 12 months. Other people had, too. If the Law of Attraction was broken, none of us would have been able to do that.

THE MANIFESTING FORMULA Having realized the problem couldn’t be the Law of Attraction, I quickly realized the problem couldn’t be my Law of Attraction formula either. Why? Because I’d successfully manifested girlfriends in the past using it. Manifesting formulas don’t suddenly break. All I had to do, to prove to myself that my manifesting formula still worked, was to use it to manifest something else. ME The problem had to be me. That was super confusing. How could I be the problem? I thought about it, and realized the only way I could be the problem was if I didn’t actually want to manifest the woman of my dreams. I would have dismissed the idea as insane but the evidence I had was too strong to ignore. So I asked myself, “Why wouldn’t I want to manifest the woman of my dreams?” Immediately the thought that popped into my mind was, “Because I don’t want another woman in my life nagging me about my work schedule!”

As I mentioned, I’ve always been a happy workaholic. Unfortunately the price of being this way meant that my relationships have always started out with my date saying, “It’s great that you’re so ambitious.” A short time later though it always turned into, “Why aren’t you spending more time with me?” Within about six months, I’d get tired of being nagged about my schedule and drop the relationship or she’d walk away on her own.

After having the nagging realization, I understood why the Law of Attraction wasn’t delivering the woman of my dreams to me. On one hand I focused on what I wanted (the woman of my dreams). On the other hand I was unknowingly focused on what I didn’t want (another woman in my life nagging me about not spending enough time with her). As everyone knows, the first step in manifesting a desire is focusing on what you want. Since I was focused on what I didn’t want, as well as what I did want, the Law of Attraction had no idea which one I wanted. No wonder it wasn’t delivering her to me!

I loved how much sense everything was beginning to make; but I was also worried. I’d never had a relationship where the woman I was dating hadn’t nagged me about my work schedule. I knew I needed to find a solution but what could it be? I thought and thought. Two weeks later, I figured it out! I’d add workaholic to the list of ideal qualities of the woman of my dreams. If she truly was a workaholic, she’d be elated to meet a guy like me -- who wouldn’t nag her about her schedule. Talk about a match made in heaven!

I wasn't done yet though. I'd written down a number of other reasons why I didn't want the woman of my dreams to show up. It took a few more weeks but I found solutions to all of them. Finally I was done. Now that I was no longer focused on what I didn’t want and my focus was completely on what I wanted, the Law of Attraction delivered results with blinding speed. Within seven days a woman showed up in my life. Then to my surprise another showed up, and another and then another! I went from not being able to get a date to actually having too many options. Thankfully, the right choice quickly became obvious, Delmarie! We had so much in common! My time with Delmarie caused me to sort out one final thing on the list of qualities I wanted in the woman of my dreams. A short time later Regina showed up in my life. She truly was the woman of my dreams (at that time in my life). Out of the 18 qualities I had on my dream list, Regina had 17 1/2 of them. KEY LESSON Do you have something that you've been trying to manifest for a long time but it isn't showing up? It's likely because you have reasons that you don't want it to show up. You don't know this right now though because you aren't aware of those reasons. So ask yourself, "Why wouldn't I want ______ to show up in my life right now?" Don't judge anything that comes to mind, simply write it down. Once you feel like you've gotten it all down (you'll know this because you feel complete) begin sorting through everything. Usually it becomes immediately clear why your desire hasn't manifesting in your life. Now all you have to do is find solutions to the stuff you wrote down. Once you're done just sit back, relax and wait for your desire to manifest or for you be inspired to take action.

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