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Did You Know That Most Major Manifestation Teachers Say That Reality Is 100% Thought Created?

Below you'll find quotes from many of the famous law of attraction/manifestation teachers (as well as some other teachers & religions) explaining that reality is 100% thought created. After the quotes, I explain three ways to prove to yourself that you are everyone and everything in this reality...


“The relationship you have with others are a reflection of the vibration you offer. There aren’t actually ‘others,’ it’s all about the relationship you have with yourself. They (others) are projections of that. You can change the people and new ones will appear with the same dynamics. But it’s changing your emotions (vibrations) that changes the dynamics, whether with the same people or new people.” ~Abraham Hicks

At the end of this paragraph is a video of Abraham explaining this idea that you are everyone in more detail. Keep in mind that Abraham is always teaching at different levels, so they switch from talking about a singular stream of consciosuness that is the singluar source of everyone to talking about multiple people. Bottom line though, if you follow their teachings, they clearly state, “You look at your individual bodies sitting in your chairs and you feel that you are individual clumps. And you do not realize that you are eternal consciousness that is always streaming… .” You can listen to the whole thing, or you can tune in right at 00:33.


T-27.VII.13. You are the dreamer of the world of dreams.

Here’s an ACIM video explaining that you are the dreamer of this world.


“Pretty soon you will be living in the dream state, dreaming in the living state, and you will understand that physical reality is but a dream.” ~ Bashar

Here’s a video of the Bashar teachings, where the person presenting is explaining Bashar’s teachings on reality not being real. The presenter gets into Bashar’s point that reality isn’t real at 16:16, where he reads the Bashar quote, "Physical reality isn’t actually ‘real,’ that is to say, it doesn’t exist outside of our consciousness. While the experience of reality is real…"

And here’s a talk Bashar does from his store


“To awaken within the dream is our purpose now. When we are awake within the dream, the ego-created earth-drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This is the new earth.”

― Eckhart Tolle

Here’s a video of Eckhart talking about how you and life itself are one (i.e. you aren’t separate from the world because it’s all consciousness).


"God never answers prayers. It is people who answer their own prayers by knowing how to connect and utilize the divine energy of the Creator and the God-Like force in their souls." ~Yehuda Berg

Here’s a Kabbalah lesson on life is a dream.


"Everything is you pushed out." ~ Neville Goddard

Here’s a video from Neville Goddard titled The Whole Vast World Is You Pushed Out


“Consciousness is the only reality…” ~Sri Ramana Maharshi

Here’s a video on nonduality teaching that everything is consciousness.


"Simply as an analogy, look at it this way: Your present universe is a mass-shared dream, quite valid — a dream that presents reality in a certain light; a dream that is above all meaningful, creative, based not upon chaos (with a knowing look), but upon spontaneous order. To understand it, however, you must go to another level of consciousness — one where, perhaps, the dream momentarily does not seem so real. There, from another viewpoint, you can see it even more clearly, holding it like a photograph in your hands; at the same time you can see from that broader perspective that you do indeed also stand outside of the dream context, but in a “within” that cannot show in the snapshot because of its limitations." —The "Unknown" Reality Volume 1 Section 3: Session 700 May 29, 1974

Here's a brief Youtube video quoting Seth saying that everything arises from consciousness.


“We’re probably living in a simulation.” ~ Elon Musk


"Subjective Reality (SR) as I describe it, is the perspective that your true identity is the dreamer having the dream, so you are the conscious container in which the entire dream world takes place. Your body-mind is your avatar in the dream world, the character that gives you a first-person perspective as you interact with the contents of your own consciousness. But that avatar is no more you than any other character in the dream world. This perspective is also not objectively falsifiable, so it cannot be proven wrong.” ~ Steve Pavlina

Here’s an article explaining subjective reality


Okay, the quotes, articles and videos are nice, but how can you truly prove to yourself that you are everything and everyone (i.e. life 100% a dream, vibration, imagination, consciousness, energy etc.)?

Three ways…

If you are everything and everyone, then you should be able to change things that you didn’t previously think you could change right? When I first started really exploring the idea that I might be everything and everyone in the world pushed out, I thought to myself, “Okay, if I’m everything then that means I’m the sky. In my experience, the sky has always been blue. I’m going to change it to purple. If I walked outside and the sky was purple, I’d know for sure that I create everything.” I set the intention for the sky to turn purple and let it go. A few weeks later, the famous singer Prince died. I was at the airport the next day. On the cover of the Los Angeles Times newspaper was an article about how the city of Los Angeles had turned the sky purple to honor Prince. Major landmarks in Los Angeles were covered in purple lights and in a couple of places purple flood lights had been pointed into the night sky to turn it purple. Now, I’d wanted to walk outside and see a purple sky. However, after thinking about it, I realized I was scared of that happening (too big a change) so this was the next best thing and it worked for me. Figure out what you’d like to change, that would definitely prove to you, that you are everyone and everything, and run a test like I did to find out.

Run the tests and observe the results in the book Lucid Living by Tim Freke.

Learn to lucid dream. When you have a lucid dream, you become aware that you are dreaming, while you’re still in the dream. You’re walking around in the dream. You know that everything is a dream, it’s truly a mind-blowing experience. I used to work at the Las Vegas airport. One night, I had a dream that I was at work at the Las Vegas airport. I became lucid. I was walking around in my dream of the Las Vegas airport, and it was exactly as it was during my waking life. People were walking around. I could feel the air conditioning on my face. The tile gleamed as if it had just been cleaned. My dream of the Las Vegas airport was indistinguishable from my waking life experience. That’s when I really understood that there are simply two dream states. There is the changing dream state at night, where every night I have different dreams. And there is the continuing dream state during the day, where I wake up to the same dream and live my life. To learn lucid dreaming, check out the lucid dreaming lessons by Ian Wilson

I've shared the teachings. I've shared tests you can run to prove this idea to yourself, the rest is up to you. If you're new to this idea, it's easy to reject out of hand because it runs so counter to what you're seeing in front of your eyes. Remember though, when you walk outside, the world looks flat but you know that it isn't. Just because something looks a certain way, does not mean that it is.



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