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Are You Getting The Same Results That You Don’t Want Again And Again?

If you are, it’s because you’re continuing to make the same choices over and over again.  Despite what you might be telling yourself, this is not because you’re an idiot.  You simply don’t see a way to make different choices.


I spent years in the same business hoping for a different result.  Every year I made the same choices hoping things would turn out differently.  It never happened.   And I kept getting the same unwanted experiences.  Finally, I realized that different decisions equal different results.  It took a while to figure out how to start making these new decisions but the results were spectacular.  If you’ve been trying to get better results in a specific area for a while, and you keep coming up with the same unwanted results, let me help you identify the same decisions that you keep making over and over again.  Then we'll figure out how to make different decisions so you finally get the different results that you want.  I offer a complimentary session to new clients at no charge.  To set up an appointment with me fill out my new client info sheet by clicking here.



Is Depression Ruining Your Life?

Starting at the age of 18 I began experiencing brutal bouts of depression.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I went to a doctor.  The doctor I went to prescribed anti-depressants.  I picked up my prescription.  When I got home I read the possible side effects.  I was enraged.  The side effects sounded worse than the depression.  I tossed them in the pills in the trash and continued to suffer in silence for years.


In my mid-thirties I decided I’d had enough, I was either going to find a solution that really worked or I was going to blow my brains against a wall.  One day I was reading a website and it said, “The reason long term depression occurs is because you aren’t getting what you want in life and you don’t see any way to get it.”  I couldn’t believe that it could possibly be that simple.  It was.  You can test this theory now by asking yourself, “What would you need to be happy in life?”  Once you’ve got your list, ask yourself, “Would I still be depressed if I had these things?”  If you’re like me and you answered, “No” to that last question, you’re going to love this next part.  Unless you’re in physical pain, the depression pain you’re experiencing can only be caused by the thoughts you’re thinking.   All we have to do to end the depression pain you’re experiencing is change the thoughts you’re thinking.  We accomplish this by using time tested and proven methods I found when I did this work myself.

You and you alone are in control of your thoughts so you truly have everything you need to end your pain.  By changing the thoughts you’re thinking we not only end your depression pain, we also put you in a position to now manifest the things you want, using my checklist.  If you’re super skeptical that this is all there is to it, trust me I understand (remember you’re talking to a guy who was going to eat a bullet) but what I do works.  To get my Depression Escape Plan click here (coming soon).  All you have to do is follow the instructions and you’ll immediately begin to see results.  If you need any additional help, I offer a complimentary consultation.  Fill out my new client form by clicking here.
  Then, contact me to set up a time to talk at no charge to you.



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