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Blue Feather Manifesting Test

The blue feather test comes from the book Illusions by Richard Bach.  In the book Richard suggests using the Law of Attraction to bring you a blue feather.  Why a blue feather?  I don’t have Richard’s book in front of me, but these are the reasons that come to mind...

A blue feather is something you probably don’t see often but you know they exist.

A blue feather is something simple, believable.

A blue feather is something that is easy to manifest because you don't have any resistance towards it.

A blue feather is specific, you’d notice finding a blue feather after focusing on one.

Here’s how it works…

Close your eyes and visualize a blue feather.  Focus on it.  See the detail.  Focus on how it looks.  Notice how bright the blue color is.  How big it is?  Picture all the details.  Do this for three minutes, stop and forget about it.  And I’m serious about the forgetting about it part.  The last thing you want to do is be looking around for a blue feather everywhere.  Every time you do that, and you don’t see one, you’ll be causing the Law of Attraction to bring you more “not seeing a blue feather” because your focus is on “not seeing a blue feather.”  In the next few weeks a blue feather will show up in your experience.  It might be an actual blue feather.  Or it might be a blue feather going by on the side of a bus or even one you see in a magazine.  The Universe will bring you the fastest blue feather it can find.  Once you find your blue feather, take a picture of it, you’ll want to save it for your records.

All some people need is a single blue feather showing up for them to have enough evidence to decide that the Law of Attraction is real.  Others need more.  If you need more, do the exercise again, except this time try a green feather or a black one or maybe a blue sparrow or a pink zebra.  The goal is to choose something that is totally believable and that you would like to show up, but you don’t have any resistance to showing up.

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