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I began working with people on their hopes and dreams in 1996.


I've helped people:


start small businesses,


expand existing ones,


overcome depression,


find the person of their dreams,


and even leave jobs to take off and travel the world.  On two separate occasions, I received calls from people who were crying tears of joy, as they walked out of their jobs for the last time.  No more pits in their stomachs on Sunday nights, no more soul crushing weeks, they were free to travel the world and have the time of their lives: Eat Pray Love style.

I received my life coaching training through Landmark Education.  While I've had a lot of fun helping people over the years, I was never satisfied with traditional life coaching methods (like S.M.A.R.T goals for example).  I hated the fact that I'd use the technique with one person and they'd succeed.  And then, the very next person I used the technique with would flat out fail.  I found this to be maddening.  “Of course”, everyone told me, "You can't stop people from failing.  Haven't you heard of the eighty/twenty rule?  Eight percent of people fail to reach their goals in life.  Twenty percent succeed.  That's just the way life works."  My response always was, "If eighty percent of the people who are using your system fail, it's the system that is broken, not the people."  My dissatisfaction with traditional life coaching methods is why I didn’t pursue it as a full-time career.  Instead, I invested my time into research, looking for a better way to help people achieve their hopes and dreams. 

In early 2015, all my years of research and study paid off.  I discovered how to manifest guaranteed results.  Now, at last, I have a way to help everyone produce real life changing results!  On September 15, 2015,    I began a new chapter in my life.  I launched this website, along with my checklist that makes it possible to manifest guaranteed results.  Even though I just started, I already have my first success testimonial.  I used my unblocking method (included in the checklist) to help my former wife manifest a new man of her dreams! 


In a moment, I'll share her testimonial but before I do that, I do want to say that my way of doing things is perfect for people who are analytical and detail oriented like me, people who have my strengths.  People who are extroverts, who are not detailed thinkers, I can help you to a point, but you really need to find an LOA coach with your extrovert strengths as that will save you time and a lot of frustration.  

Here's her testimonial..


I study Law of Attraction avidly and when I would hear the term "unblocking", I didn't like it because it felt rigid to me somehow. So when Abraham told an asker that they were "blocking" I felt like I had to tell Namaste! It not only opened up my mind to the idea that one could "unblock" something from their path, but it also opened up my mind to that Namaste may've had it right all along! So I said, "Ok, let's do this! Teach me, show me, I want to know what your unblocking process is all about." And man oh man, what happened next blew me away and continues to blow me away still to this day! Namaste sat me down and with his undivided attention and walked me through the process.  It only took an hour - and I could literally feel that something was now different and that things would NEVER be the same. I met the man of my dreams just a few weeks later!!! Thank you Namaste for the clarity you brought, the patience and the willingness to take me through this process I'd so adamantly resisted for so long - because not only did he arrive - He is Mr. Sun & Stars (meaning, he is everything I dreamed of and MORE!!!) Thank you for sticking by me Namaste and being so pure in your stand for my dreams coming true!!! They absolutely are!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Regina F.



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