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My LOA Research

I spent almost six years researching manifesting results.  Lots of people have seen bits and pieces of the data I collected.  But I don't know of anyone else who has managed to compile all the bits and pieces in one place.  If someone else had done this before me, my process for creating guaranteed manifesting results would have been discovered long ago.  Here's a brief description of the major highlights of my research: 

Between late 2009 and early 2015, I researched and analyzed...


119 personal manifesting successes and 10 failures,

(click here to read the successes, will add failures soon)


254 manifesting formulas, 

(click here to view them) (Out of the now 300+ manifesting formulas I've found and reviewed, do any of them produce consistent results?)


72 manifesting techniques,
(click here to view them)


and EVERY major manifesting discovery ever made.

(click here to view them)

I wanted to find a sure-fire way to manifest millions and the lifestyle of my dreams.

The description you just read is the short version of my research.  If you'd like to read a more detailed description, click here.  Otherwise, please continue reading below.


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