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Start with explanation of summary of research findings.

Unblocking is how you get the specific things you want.

You decide, intuition guides..

Feel content with right now...

Then show new reality conclusions (beliefs)...

Then show habits...

Make sure to add in creator behind the dream manager to take care of stuff I don't plan on working on (Universal Manager)

Back in the late 90s, I was listening Jim Rohn speak.  Something he said that day, I'll never forget.  He pointed out that success is nothing more than a few simple decisions made over and over again until one day you wake up a success.  And that failure is the same, it's just making a few of the wrong decisions every day, until one day you wake up a failure."

I thought a lot about Jim's point and the truth of it was both undeniable and exciting!

So, my question became, "What exactly are the simple decisions that lead to success?"

I studied a lot of different people's answers to that question.

In my 20s, I personally recruited three different multi-millionaire mentors.  I did what they suggested to the best of my abilities.  However, I didn't obtain what they had, which left me pretty confused.

Then one day, I was in a seminar and the speaker said, "Imagine that I brought up on to this stage Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Mark Cuban.  All of them are famous billionaires.  And I had each of them explain how they became billionaires and their advice for others who want to become billionaires too.  Whose advice would you follow?  Would you follow Bill's advice which would be about founding a cutting edge tech company?  Or would you follow Oprah's advice about the importance of cultivating a massive audience?  Or would you follow Richard's advice about creating lots of companies that deliver massive value?  All of the advice is different, but it's all solid sound advice.  The correct answer is you'd want to follow the advice of the person who has the same strengths as you do.  Because if you follow the advice of someone who doesn't share your strengths, you can do exactly what they tell you, but you won't get the same kind of results as they got.

Suddenly, I understood exactly what had happened with my mentors.  It wasn't that they held back their secrets, or that I hadn't tried hard enough, it was that we didn't have the same strengths.  No wonder when I tried to do the methods they suggested I didn't get the same results!  It now made so much sense!

Now let's turn to the topic at hand i.e. intentional manifesting habits.  As with everything else I do, I've extensively researched LOA habits.  So far I've found ?.  I won't include all of them in this article, b

Have You Ever Wished You Had The Answers To These Questions Too? This used to be the "MY RESEARCH" button, most people aren't going to care about "my research" My research will be mentioned in my ABOUT ME anyway, so put this stuff in ARTICLES to save space in space bar.

Here are the primary questions that I am working on answering, or have already answered through my research and testing:


Law of Attraction/Manifestation Questions

-Is there a manifesting formula that produces results every single time it’s used?

-Is there a manifesting technique that produces results every single time it’s        used?

-Are guaranteed manifesting results possible?

(Click here to see my research and answer to this question + more.)


Lucid Dreaming Question

-Is it possible to experience days, weeks, months, years or decades in a single lucid dream?

Click here to see my research and answer to this question + more.


Intuition Question

Instead of getting intuitive feelings (gut feelings) is it really possible to have my intuition speak to me like I would speak to another person?

Click here to see my research and answer + more.


Out-of-Body/Astral Travel Question

Is it possible to have an out of body/astral travel experience for real?

Click here to see my research and answer + more.


Plant Teacher Question

Is it possible to experience another reality after ingesting a plant teacher?

Click here to see my research and answer + more.


Reality Question

Is the world in front of our eyes made up of physical matter or is it made up of vibration, imagination, consciousness, energy?  Or perhaps is it a hologram, simulation, or even a dream?

Click here to see my research and answer. 


I spent almost six years researching manifesting results.  Lots of people have seen bits and pieces of the data I collected.  But I don't know of anyone else who has managed to compile all the bits and pieces in one place.  If someone else had done this before me, my process for creating guaranteed manifesting results would have been discovered long ago.  Here's a brief description of the major highlights of my research: 

Between late 2009 and early 2015, I researched and analyzed...


119 personal manifesting successes and 10 failures,

(click here to read the successes, will add failures soon)


254 manifesting formulas, 

(click here to view them) (Out of the now 300+ manifesting formulas I've found and reviewed, do any of them produce consistent results?)


72 manifesting techniques,
(click here to view them)


and EVERY major manifesting discovery ever made.

(click here to view them)

I wanted to find a sure-fire way to manifest millions and the lifestyle of my dreams.

The description you just read is the short version of my research.  If you'd like to read a more detailed description, click here.  Otherwise, please continue reading below.


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