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What do a priest, CEO, a murderer and a drunk all have in common?

They all want to be happy.

The one thing that everyone on the planet wants is to be happy.

Where would you score your general level of happiness on the scale below?  
    +10 = Bliss
     5 = Happy
     0 = Neutral
    -5 = Unhappy
    -10 = Misery/Brutal Depression
Please write your score down somewhere, we'll check to see if it's raised after you finish this process.

Most people are happy in certain areas of their lives and unhappy in others.  Lets figure out what is working for you and what is not.

Using the -10 to 10 scale above, rank your level of happiness in the following areas…

    Health                          ___
    Physical Activity        ___
    Body Appearance      ___

    Enjoyment of work   ___
    Career progress         ___

    Financial Stability       ___
    Financial Savings        ___
    Financial Enjoyment  ___

    Life Purpose                 ___
    Significant Other         ___
    Children          ___
    Parents            ___

    Control of Your Emotions    ___
    Emotional Development      ___

    Social Life            ___
    Friendships         ___
    Recreation           ___

    Mental Development        ___
    Education                            ___

    Daily Habits & Routines    ___
    Spiritual Development     ___
    Contribution to Others     ___
    Character & Values            ___

Look at the categories where you ranked yourself for the least amount of enjoyment.

Are you motivated to make a change for the better in those areas of your life?

What decisions are you making in those areas of your life, right now, that are harming your enjoyment of it?

What new decisions can you begin making that will stop harming your enjoyment of life?

Now that you have your answers, the only thing left to do is get accountable.


It’s easy to make promises to yourself and break them.

It’s not easy to make promises to another person and break them.

Anytime you want to make a real change in your life, you want to get accountable.  The question then becomes, “Who do I become accountable to?”  The reason you don’t want to use friends and family is they are your friends and family.  They aren’t trained to take you through this process.  And if they have a hot date the night of your accountability appointment, chances are it’s going to get canceled.

Whether you work with me, or another coach, get someone in your corner who is trained to help people through the accountability process.

If you’d like to work with me, take my compatibility test now by clicking here.  Once you’ve established we have a high compatibility level, click here to set up a 30 minute complimentary consultation so we can discuss what's possible.  Or if you'd like to return to My Services page click here.



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