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Manifesting Checklist Research Steps


Step 1.

I wrote out a list of all my manifesting successes and the handful of failures I'd experienced.  I then wrote down the steps I took in each case.  Next I figured out what core steps that were always present in every situation during the successful manifestations.  Finally I took the steps, that I hadn't identified as core steps and asked myself, "Could I be doing these unconsciously and not knowing it."  If I answered "Yes" I added to the list.


Step 2.

I looked at every one of the 111 manifesting formulas I found.  I compared the core alignment steps I'd identified from my experiences to the steps in the formulas.  If I found a step in one of the formulas, that was not included in my core steps, I asked myself, "Could I be taking this step unconsciously?"  If there was a possibility, I added it to my list.


Step 3.

I looked at 62 manifesting techniques, methods and formulas.  I broke each down and asked myself, "Are any of these steps core alignment steps that I might be unconsciously taking sometimes?"  In three cases I found possibilties and added them to the list.


Step 4.

I broke down every major Law of Attraction lesson and discovery.  I then asked myself, "Are there any steps that I haven't identified already that could be core alignment steps that I'm unconsciously taking?"  I didn't find any.


Step 5.

I reviewed all the potential core alignment steps I'd identified and eliminated any that didn't hold true.


Step 6.

I was left with 12 alignment steps.  I then created 12 questions that would tell if when I'm successfully completed each step and was in alignment with it.


Step 7.

I then went back and looked at all the manifesting successes I'd written down.  I asked myself, "Did I answer all 12 of these questions, knowingly or unknowingly, to get this desire to manifest?"  My answer was, "Yes" for every single one.


Step 8.

Next I looked at the manifesting failures I'd written down.  I asked myself, "Did I neglect to answer any of these 12 questions when I was attempting to manifest this desire?"  I found in every case that I'd failed to answer one or more of the 12 questions positively.


Step 9.

I began sharing my 12 questions with other people.  In every case, whether the person was conscoius of it or not, they'd positively answered all 12 questions when their desires had successfully manifested.  In every case, if the desire had failed to mainfest, they'd also failed to answer one or more of the 12 questions positively.


Step 10.

I smiled.  I did it!  It's now possible to create guaranteed manifesting results.  All a person has to do is answer all 12 questions positively, which will cause the person to feel consistently good about the desire and then it is guaranteed to manifest!

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