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The Manifesting Methods, Techniques & Processes I've Studied


Below, is a list of the manifesting techniques that I've tested and worked with over the years.  The reason I tried so many different techniques is I was looking for "the technique" that was going to allow me to manifest everything I wanted.  In a very real sense, I was looking for a manifesting magic wand.  I thought that the technique is what caused the desire to manifest. 


When I found a new manifesting technique, one of two things would happen.  Either it would cause some of my desires to manifest, but not others, or it wouldn't work at all.  Regardless of which happened, the result was the same: I went looking for another technique.


This never ending search for the perfect manifesting technique went on for over two decades.  Thankfully, I finally figured out that alignment is what causes desires to manifest.  This realization caused me to go looking for a guaranteed method for getting into alignment with my desires.  After lots of research, analyzing and testing, I identified the 15 alignment questions.  When you answer all 15 questions, positively, your desire is guaranteed to manifest.  That's not to say that other manifesting techniques aren't of any use, as you'll see once you download my checklist.  I incorporate your favorite manifesting techniques into the question process.

Abraham Hick’s Law of Attraction Resistance Releasing Processes

            Rampage of Appreciation

            The Prosperity Game

            Evaluating Dreams

            Book of Positive Aspects


            Segment Intending

            Wouldn’t It Be Nice If

            Which Thought Feels Better


            The Focus Wheel Process

            Universal Manager

            Moving Up Emotional Scale

            Ask Generally



Acceptance Of Situations

Radical Acceptance Of All Life Circumstances (so you can change it)


Acting As If It Already Happened



Non-Mental Conflict Affirmations






          Click here
to read the best story I've ever read on allowing.



Appreciation Lists

At the beginning or end of each day, write out 10 or more things that you appreciate.  Doing this focuses your vibration on appreciation and so you attract more things to appreciate.


Appreciation Texts

Instead of writing out a list of 10 or more things you appreciate each day, you text a partner your list.  I love this method because as soon as something I appreciate happens, I input it into your phone.  As things happen throughout the day that I appreciate, I continue to input them into my phone, while at the same time seeing the things I've already written.  At the end of the day, I see my list once again before I text it to my partner.  I'll see her text later on so I see a whole new list of things to appreciate.  This method is simple and causes you to be in a state of appreciation all day.


Being Happy Now



Questioning Beliefs Exercise

Timing Alignment Exercise

Ask yourself, "Am I ready for my desire to manifest in 1 year?"

If the answer is, "Yes" ask the question again but use 6 months.

If the answer is, "No" you found a limiting belief.  Until you deal with this limiting belief your desire will not manifest.  Ask yourself, "Why not?"  Whatever you write down needs to be dealt with.


Belief Realignment


Congratulatory Conversations



Cosmic Ordering

Declare It Done 


Deliberate Creation

Deliberate Deciding




100% Control

Everything in your outer world is controlled by the thoughts you are thinking in your inner world.  You have a 100% control of your thoughts.  It's the only thing in the world that you have 100% complete control over.  Controlling your thoughts is 100% doable.  By taking control of your mind you're able to take control of your life.  To learn more about how to do this, click here.


Dream Boards


Easy Worlding


Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Amping


Feedback Loop


Feeling The Feeling First


Feeling The Emotion First To Attract Similar Emotional Experiences


Focusing x 3 Daily on Vision Card


Giving Up




Higher Self Feedback

I Am That, I Am


Identity Shifting Anchors


Imaginary Mastermind


Ken Keyes’s Happiness Training


Living In The Present Moment


Lucid Living







Mental Movies

Mind Power


Mirror Talk

Not Noticing Desire Hasn't Manifested Yet

Positive Thinking Power

Power of Prayer

Proactive Formula


Quantum Jumping


Reality Transurfing



Self Love Work (start youtube video at 27:27)

Sleeping Technique (Baudoin)

Subconscious Mind Power


Subjective Reality

Synchronicities Journal
(start youtube video at 38:20)


Thanks In Advance






Voice Dialogue




Zohar Scanning


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Below is a list of manifesting techniques I have run across but not yet felt called to utilize.  I've familiarized myself with each one of them.  I keep them around because one day my intuition my guide me to use one or more of them, while I'm in the process of using my manifesting checklist to manifest a desire of mine.



Giving What You Want To Receive First

Law of Attraction Journaling

20 x 11 Manifesting Journal Exercise

Non-Personal Awareness Process

Sri Yantra

Success Lists

Switch Words


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