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Namaste's Manifesting Formula


My manifesting formula is designed to be an overview of the manifesting process.  It differs from my manifesting checklist in that my checklist contains the specific steps necessary to manifest a desire.




Socrates is famous for the saying, "Know thyself."  He believed that knowing thyself is the secret to happiness.  After pondering and testing this for years I've concluded he is right.  Why?  The better you know yourself, the better you're able to specifically manifest desires that will bring you happiness.



When I manifested my first girlfriend I simply set the intention and released it to the Universe.  My first girlfriend was amazing but I quickly figured out that I wanted some specific things in a significant other.  By the time I manifested the woman of my dreams, I'd clarified 18 specific qualities I wanted and she showed up with 17 1/2 of them.  I was perplexed about the missing 1/2 quality until I realized I didn't actually believe it was possible.  The Universe can't deliver something you do not believe is possible.


How do you go about knowing yourself better?  The slow method is simply living life and observing your likes and dislikes.  The faster method is to invest in doing a lot of personality profiles like Strengths Finder 2.0, Myers-Briggs, The Passsion Test etc. 




This is the step where you'd use my manifesting checklist to align to your desire.  Once you've aligned to your desire all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your desire to manifest or for you to be inspired/intuitively guided to take action that acquires your desire.




Everyone's manifesting percentages will be different when it comes to desires simply appearing vs taking inspired/intuitively guided action to acquire them.  The Law of Attraction teacher Steve Pavlina has estimated that in fifty percent of the cases his desires simply manifest and in the other fifty percent of the cases he has taken inspired action to acquire them.  As of this writing on April 3, 2015 I have recorded 136 manifestations.  I had 111 of those manifest without me having to do anything further and in the other 25 cases I took inspired/intuitively guided action.  Even though many of my desires simply manifested without me doing anything further I always pay close attention to my intuition after completing my manifesting process.  If I didn't I could easily have missed out on those 25 desires manifesting.  That would have meant missing out on some truly incredible experiences.  If you haven't developed a relationship with your intuition yet, I'd encourage you to begin immediately.  All you have to do is set an intention to learn how to interact with your intuition and release it to the Universe.  As long as it's an authentic desire the perfect method for you will come into your experience at the right time.

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