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Have You Ever Wished You Could Manifest Millions Of Dollars, Your Soul Mate, Or Some Other Truly Life Changing Result?

Me Too!  So One Day I Decided To Try.

First, I Tried To Win The Lottery, But Failed.  Then, I Tried To Manifest The Woman Of My Dreams, And Succeeded.

It Took Years, But, Eventually, I Figured Out Why The Millions Hadn't Manifested And My Dream Woman Had.

This Realization Is What Led Me To Discovering How To Manifest Guaranteed Results.

When I first realized I'd figured out how to manifest guaranteed results, I didn't believe it.  I went back and rechecked all my facts.  When I didn't find anything wrong, I was annoyed.  I learned about manifesting 30 years ago.  I've been doing this a long time.  Like everyone else I knew it was impossible to manifest guaranteed results.  Frustrated, I went back, rechecked everything a second, and then a third time.  Still, the facts were telling me the same thing!  Suddenly it hit me.  Despite what everyone has always thought, it's absolutely possible to manifest guaranteed results.   See for yourself...

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Explaining Alignment


What causes your desires to manifest?


Some people say, "getting happy."  Others mention the manifesting formula they use.  And still others cite their favorite manifesting techniques-- like visualizing.  While these answers are all different, they still all point at the correct answer-- which is alignmentGetting into alignment with your desires is what ultimately causes them to manifest.

If you do not know what alignment is and why it causes desires to manifest,  click here. Otherwise, please continue reading...

Alignment ALWAYS Causes Desires To Manifest Explan

Does getting into alignment with a desire ALWAYS cause it to manifest?



If you did not know this and would like to learn how you can prove this to yourself, click here.  Otherwise please continue on...



Is there a guaranteed way to get into alignment with your desires?

Now there is!  After years of research, analyzing and testing, I identified 15 questions that align ALL of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions with your desires. 

To make things easy, I took the alignment questions and placed them on a manifesting checklist.  You start at the top of the checklist.  By the time you've answered the last question at the bottom, your desire is guaranteed to manifest.


How do you know that the alignment questions on my manifesting checklist really do cause you to get into alignment every time?


Prior to positively answering all 15 alignment questions, you will always titter totter between feeling good, and feeling bad, when you think about your desire.  Titter tottering between good and bad feelings is the key indicator that you’re not in alignment with your desire and that it is not going to manifest. 


After you positively answer all 15 questions, you will feel consistently good when you think about your desire.  Feeling consistently good when you think about your desire is the key indicator that proves to you that you’re in alignment with your desire, and that it is guaranteed to manifest.

More Proof for Knowledgeable LOAers About Checklis



Are you ready to get a FREE copy of my manifesting checklist? 


If you're ready, scroll down to the next question.

If you'd like more help with understanding how my manifesting checklist makes it possible to manifest guaranteed results, click here.



How do you get a FREE copy of my manifesting checklist?


Today, I have a limited time offer for you.  If you'll agree to send me a testimonial after you use my checklist to successfully manifest a desire of yours, I'll give you a FREE copy of my manifesting checklist. To get a FREE copy of my manifesting checklist click here.  After I collect the testimonials I want, this offer goes away, so get your free copy of my manifesting checklist today by clicking here.

Or if you'd like to first learn more about me, the research I did that led to the creation of the manifesting checklist and the additional benefits you'll enjoy from using my checklist, please continue reading.  Once you see the six years of research, and review my conclusions, it will hit you that my checklist isn't just another manifesting tool.  This checklist is the game changer.  As more and more people begin to manifest guaranteed results, the mainstream media is going to start giving this discovery coverage.  Then it's only a matter of time before the world as we know it is forever changed.  Guaranteed manifesting results are now possible and that truth is going to have an effect on the lives of every single person on this planet.

Namaste Name Explanation

Who Am I?


Namaste (pronounced Na-mas-stay) isn't my given name but that’s what everyone has called me over a decade.  If you’re curious about why,
click here

Explanations Manifesting



What Is My Background?


I was raised as a Rosicrucian, so I learned about manifesting in 1985, when I was eight years old.  A short time later, I consciously manifested my first desire (a little red boom-box radio).  When I say, "I learned about manifesting" many people assume that I learned about the Law of Attraction.  I didn't.  The Law of Attraction is just one of many explanations for why we're able to manifest our desires.  If you’d like to learn more about the other explanations, click here). 

LOA Teachers Homepage Anchor
Techniques Manifesting Homepage Anchor
Results Manifesting Stories Homepage Anchor

Over the past 38 years, I've run across hundreds of manifesting teachers.  I check everyone out.  133 of them warranted further attention.  (To see a list of all the teachers I've learned from, click here).  Thanks to my studies, I've tested every major manifesting process: dream boarding, visualizing, feel the feeling first, etc.  I've tested most of the lesser known ones too, such as scanning the Zohar, Cosmic Ordering, Voice Dialogue and such.  To see a list of all of the manifesting processes I've tested, click here.  The payoff from all this learning is I’ve been able to manifest everyday manifestations like parking spaces, free See’s chocolates (delicious!), and schedules being changed in my favor, as well as exciting manifestations like a free trip to NYC for the Millennium celebration, my first millionaire business mentor and front row seats at an epic U2 concert (click here to see a list of 90 of my successful manifestations).

My Progress Report Anchor Home PAge

What Makes Me A Manifesting Results Expert?


The fact that I figured out how to manifest guaranteed results.  This knowledge is making it possible for me to manifest my own life changing results (to see my progress click here), as well as being able to help you do the same.

How Did I Figure Out How To Manifest Guaranteed Results?


In late 2009, my girlfriend and I had a disagreement.  She insisted it was possible to manifest anything.  I'd successfully manifested a lot of things.  I'd manifested her and she was the woman of my dreams.  However, when I'd tried to manifest winning the lottery, years before manifesting her, I'd failed.  "Just because you failed years before, doesn't make it impossible," she said, daring me to try again.


Initially, I scoffed at her dare.  But, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Failing to manifest a lottery win was the only time I could remember really, Really, REALLY wanting something-- and it not manifesting.  I liked the thought of returning my manifesting score card to all major wins.  Could there be a way?



I spent almost six years researching manifesting results.  Lots of people have seen bits and pieces of the data I collected.  But I don't know of anyone else who has managed to compile all the bits and pieces in one place.  If someone else had done this before me, my process for creating guaranteed manifesting results would have been discovered long ago.  Here's a brief description of the major highlights of my research: 

72 Manifesting Techniques Research Section Homepag
254 Formulas Research Section Homepage
Manifesting Stories Research Section Homepage

Between late 2009 and early 2015, I researched and analyzed...


119 personal manifesting successes and 10 failures,

(click here to read the successes, will add failures soon)


254 manifesting formulas,

(click here to view them)


72 manifesting techniques,
(click here to view them)


and EVERY major manifesting discovery ever made.

(click here to view them)

LOA Discoveries Research Section Homepage
Long Research Description Home Page

I wanted to find a sure-fire way to manifest millions and the lifestyle of my dreams.

The description you just read is the short version of my research.  If you'd like to read a more detailed description, click here.  Otherwise, please continue reading below.



My countless hours of research led me to discover the three biggest reasons that stop people from being able to manifest truly life changing results: 

*The first reason is not understanding the critical role the higher self plays in the manifesting process. 

*The second reason is not being aware of unconscious alignment steps. 

*The third reason is using incomplete manifesting techniques. 

These discoveries, combined with other minor realizations, are what eventually led me to identifying the 15 alignment questions on my Manifesting Checklist.  Following the Checklist, answering each question completely, makes guaranteed manifesting results possible.



#1 My Higher Self

I use to think people who talked about their Higher Selves were New Age half-wits.  Nine months into my research, I got the shock of my life: I met my Higher Self.  I got shocked again when I realized I could talk to him, just like I can talk to you.  And, I got shocked for a third time when I learned about his critical role in the manifestation process.


What is your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is the part of you who is not dealing with day-to-day problems like paying bills. (Some people commonly refer to this part of themselves as their Inner Being, Broader Self, Intuition, or Spirit Guide).


How do you talk to your Higher Self?

Anyone can do it-- who is open-minded and willing to put in a little bit of practice.  Some people prefer to simply talk to their Higher Selves out loud; other people like the typing/writing method.  I share how to do both methods-- in the advanced version of my manifesting checklist.  The advanced version will be available in August if 2015.


What is the critical role your Higher Self plays in the manifestation process?

Your Higher Self determines which of your desires manifest and which don't.  



After meeting my Higher Self, I said, "I want to manifest millions of dollars; so let's do this!"  My Higher Self replied, "I want to get rich but I also want to make a massive difference in the world too.  If the money manifested right now you wouldn't be really able to tell others how you did it.  I'm not interested in getting the money without being able to help others do the same."  I said, "I don't care, just give me the money!"  My Higher Self answered, "Remember I AM YOU.  You do care.  Forget about the job you're not thrilled with, and everything else you're dealing with.  Step back and you'll see: I'm telling you the truth."  It took me a while but, finally, I did it.  I realized my Higher Self was right.  If I couldn't help other people replicate my results, I'd just be some dude that got lucky.  I went back to my research.


A short time later, a huge insight hit me.  Even though I'd learned a lot from the LOA teachers I'd studied, I'd always thought, "If you knew how manifesting really worked, you wouldn't be selling books, audios and seminars, you'd just manifest a million dollars and be done with it."  Suddenly I knew why these teachers weren't manifesting millions of dollars out of thin air.  It wasn't that they didn't know how manifesting worked; it was because their Higher Selves weren't in alignment with them doing that.  Of course, their Higher Selves could be brought into alignment with that desire.  However, to do that they'd first have to know about their Higher Selves and second they'd have to know how to consult them.


How can you get your Higher Self's stamp of approval on a desire you want to manifest?


By doing what it asks of you.


Once you've done that, you and your Higher Self will be in alignment on the desire; and it will manifest.


If you've got a desire that you've been wanting to manifest forever, and it still hasn't happened, it may be because you haven't asked your Higher Self what you need to do.  This is why developing an open channel of communication is absolutely necessary when it comes to manifesting life changing results.  



#2 Unconscious Alignment Steps 

In late 2008, I’d successfully manifested the woman of my dreams.  A friend of mine watched me successfully do this and asked me to help him do the same thing.  I took him through the exact process I’d used to manifest the woman of my dreams.  Months passed.  Nothing happened.  We went back, and rechecked everything.  It all looked good.  So I told him to be patient; something would happen.  Another three months passed.  Still, nothing had happened.  We rechecked everything again.  It was all perfect.  I was stumped.  He threw in the towel.  A few months later, I was going about my day when suddenly I realized the reason his desire likely hadn’t manifested.  I called him up and said, “Do you believe it’s possible to manifest the woman of your dreams?”  He thought for a moment and said, “Nope, I don’t.  I’ve never manifested anything before so I don’t believe it’s possible.”  I thanked him and hung up the phone. 

I’d been manifesting stuff all my life.  It never occurred for me to check for a belief issue because I believed I could manifest anything I wanted, as long as long as I first removed my resistance to it.  I realized in a sense this was a step I was doing, each time that I manifested my desires, but I wasn’t aware of it.  It was an unconscious alignment step.  I made a note to do a belief check next time I coached anyone on how to manifest a desire.

I didn’t have long to wait.  A woman I met at a Law of Attraction Meetup group heard my story of manifesting the woman of my dreams.  She approached me to help her manifest the man of her dreams.  I took her through the entire process, and this time, made sure to check for belief.  Three months later, nothing had happened.  I became so frustrated, I wanted tear my hair out.  One day, I was thinking about her issue.  Suddenly, I figured out what was likely messing things up.  I called her up, and said, “Do you expect the man of your dreams to manifest?”  She thought about it for a moment and said, “No I don’t because I've tried before and always failed.”  I thanked her and got off the phone. 

It had never occurred to me to do an expectation check either.  Once I removed the resistance to a desire, I always expected it to manifest.  I’d never consciously thought about this; it’s just the way it was for me.  Here was yet another unconscious alignment step.  I made a note to do an expectation check, as well as a belief check, next time I coached someone.

I continued this process of helping people, and identifying unconscious alignment steps, through the following years.  Finally, in early 2015 I figured out the last one.  How did I know I found the last one?  I, finally, stopped running across any new unconscious alignment steps.  Additionally, I reviewed the alignment steps that over 250 manifesting coaches use to align to their desires.  I didn't see any steps that I wasn't already aware of.  Finally, when people are done using my checklist, they naturally feel consistently good about their desires.  This is the key indicator that alignment has been achieved and that their desires are going to manifest.

During the process of identifying unconscious alignment steps, I realized two major things...

Everyone uses different manifesting techniques to manifest their desires.  However all these different techniques do the same thing, they help people to align to their desires.

The other major thing I realized is that unconscious alignment steps are hands down the single biggest reason people experience inconsistent manifesting results. 

Another unconscious alignment step I identified is deserving.  If you're like most people, you always feel like you deserve your desired manifestations.    It would never occur to you to check and see if you feel like you deserve something.  However deserving issues do come up from time-to-time for almost everyone.  Suppose one day a deserving issue comes up for you when you're working on manifesting a desire.  You don't do a deserving check as part of your manifesting process.  You just do what you've always done to manifest your desires.  However, this time your desire doesn't manifest.  You have no idea why.  You feel frustrated and angry.  After trying lots of different manifesting methods, you'll eventually give up in disgust.  Once again you'll think, "I wish to God I knew why my desires sometimes manifest and other times don't."

However if you have my manifesting checklist, you'll have a very different experience.  My manifesting checklist covers ALL of the unconscious manifesting steps.  You'll start at the top of the checklist.  When you come to the deserving question, you'll notice that you actually don't feel like you deserve this manifestation.  You'll follow the instructions on the checklist to fix the situation.  Then you'll think, "I'm so glad I have this checklist.  It never would have occurred to me that I didn't feel like I deserved this manifestation!"  You'll answer the rest of the questions on the checklist.  Soon your desire will manifest.  Say goodbye to the days when desires of yours didn't manifest and you couldn't figure out why.  Say hello to a whole new world, where if a desire of yours doesn't manifest, you can easily figure out why and then you know what steps to do so that you can get your desire to manifest. 



#3 All Manifesting Methods, Techniques & Processes Are Incomplete

Has this ever happened to you?  You decide you want to manifest something.  You pick a manifesting technique (like dream boarding for example) and you use it.  It works!  Your desire manifests!  A short time later, you decide you want to manifest something else.  Naturally, you decide to use the exact same manifesting technique that just worked for you.  So you do another dream board.  For some reason though, this time your desire doesn't manifest.  You have no idea why.


There are 15 questions a person has to, positively, answer in order to consciously align to a desire.  There is not a single manifesting method, technique or process out there today (except my manifesting checklist) that causes a person to consciously answer all 15 of these core alignment questions.  Since this is the case, there is not a single manifesting method, technique or process out there that can be relied on to cause your desires to always manifest.


You figure out that you want to take a trip.  You decide to create a dream board to help you manifest it.  You cut out pictures of what you want your trip to look like and you paste them up on a dream board.  In this example, you answered the key alignment questions, "What do I want?  Am I clear on what I want?  Am I willing to let the Universe decide how this will manifest?" And without knowing it, you also answered all the rest of the 15 alignment questions, naturally, and, therefore, unconsciously.  Your trip manifests and you're stoked!


The next year, you want to take another trip.  You decide to create another dream board.  This time though you decide you want to upgrade and travel first class all the way.  You follow the same procedure as before.  By doing this, you answered the questions, "What do I want?  Am I clear on what I want?  Am I willing to let the Universe decide how this will manifest?"  And you unknowingly answer the rest of the alignment questions as well, except you've got a problem.  You want to travel first class but you've never done that before.  The difference in the cost of a airline seat in coach vs first class is over fifteen hundred dollars alone.  Manifesting this feels like a BIG DEAL.  It feels out of reach and so it is.  Your desire doesn't manifest but you have no idea why.

"Does this mean that all other manifesting techniques, processes and methods are worthless?"  Nope.  After testing, I realized how all the other manifesting techniques, methods and processes work with my manifesting checklist.  The fourteenth question on the checklist has you check to see if you feel like you should use additional manifesting techniques to help you align to your desire.  A lot of times you won't feel like you need to.  However, there times when you will.  For example, I still feel called to make dream boards from time-to-time.  I just no longer rely on dream boards solely to manifest my desires.




The three discoveries you just read about, plus some other realizations, led me to identifying the 15 essential alignment questions.  I figured out that every time I manifested a desire, I positively answered all 15 questions.  I also realized that every time I'd failed to manifest a desire, I'd failed to positively answer one or more of the same 15 questions.


I began quizzing other people about their manifesting experiences, sharing the 15 questions with them.  It became immediately apparent, whether they were conscious of it or not, that when they successfully manifested their desires, they also positively answered all 15 questions.  And when they failed to manifest a desire, they also failed to answer one or more of the same 15 questions.


After realizing this I started getting excited.  If everyone was positively answering the same 15 questions, when they successfully manifested their desires, that meant the questions I'd discovered were universal.  Anyone who positively answered all 15 questions, would find themselves in alignment with their desire and it would manifest.  As I considered this, suddenly it hit me, I'd found the 15 essential questions that cause alignment!  That meant I'D FOUND A WAY TO CREATE GUARANTEED MANIFESTING RESULTS! 

As I mentioned above, I took the 15 questions and created a manifesting checklist. You start at the top, working downward.  By the time you've answered the last question at the bottom, you've become aligned to your desire.  This means your desire is guaranteed to manifest.  If you'll agree to send me a testimonial after you use my checklist to successfully manifest a desire of yours, I'll give you a FREE copy of my manifesting checklist.  To get your free checklist click here.  


What Are The Benefits Of Using My Manifesting Checklist?


You Now Know EXACTLY What You Need To Do To Get Your Desires To Manifest
Before I had this manifesting checklist, I did manifesting techniques and hoped my desire would manifest.  Now that I have the manifesting checklist, I know exactly what I need to do to get my desire to manifest.  

You ALWAYS Know Where You’re At In The Manifesting Process
In some cases you can breeze through every question on the checklist in an hour.  Then, you know your desire is on its way to you.  Other times, you may find yourself stuck on a single question for quite some time before you can figure out how to complete it.  Being stuck on a question is never fun but it’s a blessing in disguise.  If you didn’t have the checklist, and didn’t know you were stuck on a question, you’d think you’d completed the manifesting process.  Nothing sucks worse than waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more for a desire that is never going to manifest.  Once you get the checklist, you’ll always know if you’ve completed all 15 questions.  Therefore you’ll always know, whether to expect your desire to manifest or if you still have some more work to do.  The questions bring certainty to your manifesting process.

Say Goodbye To Always Wondering If You Need To Do Something More
If you’re like most people, right now you often wonder, “Am I done?  Or do I need to do something more to get my desire to manifest?”  One of the coolest things about my Manifesting Checklist is that when you reach the bottom, you are truly done.  All you have to do next is sit back, relax, and wait for your desire to manifest, or be intuitively guided to take actions that acquire it.    


You Get To Relax -- Knowing You Didn’t Forget Anything
Over ten years ago I failed to manifest winning the lottery.  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t manifesting.  A few years later, I was doing a walking meditation and suddenly the answer dawned on me.  I’d forgotten one of the cardinal rules of manifesting!  You have to figure out what you want but not how you’re going to get it.  I was happy to have figured out why my desire hadn’t manifested.  I was also really mad at myself about forgetting this cardinal rule.  Part of the reason I created this checklist was to insure that I’d never forget an important rule like that again.  There are so many potential variables you need to remember.  My manifesting checklist insures that you’ll consider every last one of them.  Then you can relax knowing you didn’t forget anything.

You Get To Relax And Have Fun
Before I had this Manifesting Checklist, manifesting was important, interesting, unnerving, but certainly not fun.  The question marks of what I should do or didn’t do went on and on…They Are Over Now.  Just relax and Follow the Steps.  The Manifesting Process actually is fun!
You Become More & More Confident In Your Manifesting Abilities
Before I had this checklist, I never knew for certain if my manifesting efforts were going to result in my desire manifesting.  Now that I have this checklist, I’m seeing my manifesting efforts produce consistent results.  Confidence grows.  That FEELS SO GOOD!  You too will find the process not only gives you results, but growing confidence in your manifesting abilities too.

You Know Your Desires Are Going To Manifest
Before I had this checklist, sometimes my desires would manifest, other times they wouldn’t and I really didn’t know why this happened.  Now that I have this checklist I know exactly what I need to do to get my desire to manifest.  The Manifesting Checklist changed hope to belief for me.  You too will gladly say: “Good bye” to wondering and worry.  “Hello,” to dependable, consistent, and often even predictable manifesting results!


You Really Can Manifest Anything You Want
“You can manifest anything you want!”  I'd heard so many manifesting teachers claim that.  I liked hearing them say that.  But my real life manifesting experiences told me otherwise.  My results were good overall but inconsistent.  Then, I identified all 15 questions that when answered completely guarantee alignment.  Now you really can manifest anything you want!


You Can Manifest Life Changing Results!
Getting the perfect parking space is great.  Hitting green lights all the way home is a lot of fun.  Finding a hundred dollar bill is a great way to brighten your day.  At the same time there are people out there who are manifesting things like being signed to star in the next blockbuster movie, being given the keys to the homes of their dreams and figuring out the final details for their year long trips around the world.  What manifestations would truly change your life?  With the 15 questions you can move beyond everyday manifestations and begin experiencing the life changing ones!  

You Get To Change Your Life and The Lives Of Those You Love Too
As you study, learn, and master the 15 alignment questions, you’re going to manifest some really cool things into your life.  The people around you are going to notice your successes too, and you’ll hear: “Hey, how did you do that?” What greater gift could you give to the people you love than the ability to manifest their desires?  In mastering the 15 Alignment Questions, you’ll develop the power to change your life and others too.  One day it’s very possible that people in your family are going to look at you as the hero who started it all.


Are You As Excited As I Am?


If you are, you fully understand what this manifesting checklist means.  THIS IS IT!  THIS IS THE ONE!  This checklist is the manifesting tool we’ve both been waiting for since we realized that manifesting is actually real.  At long last, FINALLY A WAY to manifest guaranteed life changing results.  All those things that we wanted, but couldn’t figure out how to get before, they are ALL now within reach.  Using the 15 question Manifesting Checklist, you may finish it all, in just about an hour.  Other times, and (often in the cases that involve your grandest desires), it might take weeks, a couple of months or even a couple of years to complete all 15 questions, but the Checklist will keep you on course, lead to the eventual realization of your grandest dreams.

Even as I’m sitting here typing this, I can feel the excitement coursing through my body, it makes me want to grab my running shoes and go screaming around the block, “It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s finally here!”  Mark my words, this is the manifesting tool that changes both our lives.  One day we’re both going to look back, and realize that our lives looked one way before we discovered the checklist, and looked completely different after mastering it.  Welcome to a new world where you know if your desires are going to manifest or not based on whether you completed the questions or not.



Are you ready to get a FREE copy of my manifesting checklist?


Today, I have a limited time offer for you.  If you'll agree to send me a testimonial after you use my checklist to successfully manifest a desire of yours, I'll give you a FREE copy of my manifesting checklist. To get your free manifesting checklist click here.  Once I collect the testimonials I want, I'm taking this offer down, so don't wait, get your FREE copy of the checklist today by clicking here.



If you did not just download my manifesting checklist, I’m assuming that’s because you’re skeptical that my checklist can really deliver life changing results?

If you’re skeptical about my checklist being able to deliver, that shows that you’re intelligent.  I realize how big a claim I’m making.  If I wasn’t the guy who spent almost six years crunching data, I’d be skeptical too.  Remember, though, that a closed mind will be the single most expensive thing you ever own.  The basic version of my checklist is FREE.  Actually testing the checklist out is the ONLY way for you to know if it’s the real deal or not.   Click here and you can begin testing out my manifesting checklist right now =) 



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